Could you campaign for your job?

Almost every lamp pole in our country currently hosts at least one political poster with pictures and slogans. TV and radio adverts are coming out with political parties promising us a better life together if we vote for them. In the coming weeks leading up to 7 May when we go to the polls, we will begin to see an increase in campaigning and promises that will sway those of us who have not yet made up our minds where to place our voters cross.

What is it you and your business had to secure customers in the same manner.

What would your pole posters look like?

Would you put your face on the poster?

What would your slogan or tag line be?

If you had a 3 minute radio interview would you know what to say and how to say it?

How different is your marketing campaigns to an election campaign? Can you stand by your words and promises that you make to your customers. How satisfied would your customers be once they have spend money (cast their vote) on your product offering? What would they be sharing with their friends about their experience with your business?

Take time today to think on these things and make any changes that may be required to move your business away from the fly-by-night political party campaigns we see far too often.

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Brain fit = Business Fit

Getting your body fit requires exercise, spinning classes and gym sessions. Also involved is a balanced diet and reduced ‘bad’ foods. Getting your bran fit requires regular exercises, concentration classes and brain gym sessions. It also requires a good diet and reduced ‘bad’ food.

In order to build a successful business your brain should be in peak performance followed by a healthy body. Healthy body, I cant help you out with see Robin Buck for that, but healthy mind is my game.

A number of concentration exercises and focus sessions will soon see your brain learning new skills and making new connections to support those new found skills. Brain gym is as important as body gym, just less sweaty and expensive but a whole lot more fun.

We offer a 90 day Brain Fit programme that you can purchase online and enjoy in the comfort of your office or home. Within the first 2 weeks you will begin to notice your concentration and recall ability improving followed by creative thinking, visualisation and problem solving. We will also teach you about good and healthy brain foods and what to avoid to keep your brain fit.

We are currently recruiting a number of people to proof our newly released programme and will be writing about their experiences here each week. If you want to be a part of this trial email me here or wish to purchase the programme go here for more details.

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What Does My Future Hold?

Knowing what you are equipped to do in life makes it a lot easier to map out your future. Today there are so many books, tools and tricks that claim to know the secret of success, but in reality they are just stories of what other people have done TO BECOME RICH and they expect you to follow their steps to do the same.
But it becomes evident very quickly that their life, talents and opportunities are VERY DIFFERENT to our own and soon we are worse off than when we began. The actual secret in life is to understand who, what and why you are, then go out a do something about it. John Maxwell says “Find out what you do well, and do nothing else”. At first this may sound strange and even contradictory to what we think to be true, but if you are able to understand what it is that you have been equipped to do and what you enjoy doing, then doing this will not only bring pleasure but profits as well. Why do things that you do not enjoy and do poorly, who in their right mind would pay you to do those things?
One of the best used tools in the market today is the Gallup’s Strength Finder. This short assessment provides you with your top 5 Strength Themes, from a selection of 36. This insightful assessment, when unpacked and discussed gives you a full overview of who you are, what you are good at and how you should manage your life at both WORK AND play.
The book “Now Discover Your Strengths” is available at all leading book stores and online. This will give you an overview of the process and an access code to do the online assessment. But I would encourage you to do this in conjunction with an experienced coach who could walk you through the results and discuss the various results and OPTIONS with you.
The Entrepreneur Incubator offers this service for just R500, including THE PRICE of the book , assessment and written report and follow up discussion. If you are interested then please email us here to book AN APPOINTMENT .

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