A huge part of my work involves being a sounding board for new and creative ideas. It is my job to ask the right questions and to offer the prescribed advice to those who want to venture down an unknown road into the future.

A business coach needs a number of tools in their armoury to pull out and use at the right time when required. But most importantly is the skill to listen and understand what is being said as well as what is not being said.

I had a casual session with Amanda yesterday and we discussed her current ventures and decisions in her business and just be listing and giving feedback, I was able to have a huge impact on her day. To the point that she wrote about our time together on her blog this morning. So I thought I would share it with you to see how important not only a solid business coach is to business development but also a person who can listen and act as a solid sounding board.

Thanks Amanda for the kind words. Read her blog here.