Agri-Ambassador Programme

As sustainable farming is such a critical issue worldwide, this business concept seeks to not only provide a source of income to the
implementing organisation through vegetable sales, but also to provide hands-on training to people from local communities in agriculture to
encourage their own food gardens to provide food security to their families.

The Agri-Ambassador Programme takes participants through a 4-year development programme incorporating agricultural expertise,
entrepreneurship and leadership training. During regular sessions, participants receive input on the basics of food growing while applying
the knowledge by tending to the organisation’s farm. The aim is to equip participants with the understanding, knowledge and passion to pursue a
career in agriculture while providing food for their families and the community.

Participants for this program may be sourced from local schools, community members of volunteers. Typically, this program is run out of a
central community organisation that homes the first-year garden and the second-year seedling project, together with the regular education

The programme is offered with an open framework that can be adapted to meet the needs of any community or location according to their needs.
The progression of the students will be selected based on their performance in the previous year, for example, second-year students will
be selected from the group of successful participants from the first-year and third-year students will be selected from the group of successful
participants from the second-year. Students who have successfully progressed onto the fourth year will be given the title of ‘Senior Agri-Ambassadors’ and be responsible to oversee the third-year participants as well as plan and develop a community-based garden that assists in feeding a school or community in need.
Graduated Agri-Ambassadors will go onto to complete their project and then be available as possible staff positions at the centre or as candidates
at local agriculture colleges and internship positions or for funding to start and grow their own agriculture business.

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