Crowd Control

What if everything you have told about traditional sales and marketing is wrong and actually designed to kill your business slowly and painfully to ensure your competition will outlast you?

What if these ideas contained in this book could change all that and give you the advantage?

What if your business never had to do sales ever again: but instead had to implement crowd control to manage the volume of people who wanted to engage with you and your product?

Professional speakers, Coaches, Facilitators and Mentors all sell ideas verbally to their clients. Doing this in a gig economy has been tough during the last few years as we have all seen the challenges of COVID, lockdown and the reduction of training budgets and the willingness of people to learn new skills.

I hope to address this through the process outlined in this book called Crowd Control. The concept came to me when we were faced with the inability to sell to people who did not want to be sold to. So we eliminated the concept of selling and developed a new strategy that was so appealing to people that we had to create a process of crowd control to manage the volumes of enquiries we were getting and then include a waiting list for people wanting to get onto our coaching programmes.

I hope that in reading this book and applying the concepts and strategies, your business too will have the need for a crowd control process.

Bruce Wade

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