Gym Corners

Gym Corners, developed by EM Solutions in Cape Town, offers an affordable and sustainable community based and self-owned programme that allows youth to
develop their own identity through a well-managed gym and exercise programme that promotes health and well-being.

Gym Corners is a solution that is owned and managed by the youth, which aims to develop a sense of self-pride, personal development and the life skills of
community, competition and competence. By focussing on their personal health and fitness, the youth would be less inclined to engage in unhealthy behaviours.

The concept is called Gym Corners as the gyms are designed to be simple enough to set up at any street corner, without the need for fixed premises or utilities, and be an alternative activity for the youth who loiter at the street corners. The equipment is manufactured out of non-metal materials, lowering the
temptation and probability of equipment theft. The idea is to create an entire gym using just one bag of cement, recycled plastic containers, discarded poles, wire and rope from local farms. The equipment can be left outside or packed up and taken home with the owner at the end of the day.

It is projected that the gym can accommodate groups of between 5 and 10 members at a time. The initial investment is required for each gym to cover costs
of the manual, equipment construction and a starter pack of consumables.

The manual includes; Exercise cards, members fitness programs, equipment building instructions, a business curriculum on how to run a gym and nutritional
support guidelines. Exercise routines are developed using the customised planner sheets that are compiled using the exercise cards from the scientific 6-phase
exercise program.
Each gym is supported through membership fees to cover costs of new equipment, competition fees and salaries. Regular competitions amongst gyms
helps build healthy competition to stimulate higher levels of fitness, strength and body sculpting.

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