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Strategic thinking is now a critical requirement for innovation and sustainability.

Without a clear strategic plan and regular review at a strategic level, many organisations and businesses lack clarity, lose income and become ineffectual. Do you feel that you’re not reaching your full potential?

Every organisation, business and team needs to begin to ask the right questions about the right things at the right time and involve the right people to do the right things right.

Not all teams have the necessary mindset, headspace and ability to shift from the day-to-day details of operations to engage in strategic thinking and discussion.

We facilitate these strategic conversations with you: developing an action-orientated roadmap towards your innovative sustainable future.

EM Solutions – Consultants to Your Strategic Think Tank:

Providing strategic consulting, coaching, accompaniment and advisory to both business and the non-profit sector, with a specific focus on sustainability and funding diversification through innovative income generation development.

Our Clients are non-profit organisations and businesses who have annual budgets of at least $ 300 000 with a proven record of effective project implementation and solid management structures

Our methodology focuses on understanding through Assessment, thinking through Discussion, Implementation through innovation and Mentorship through relationship, resulting in a co-created sustainable solution for your organisation.

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  • NPO sustainable strategy design
  • Income generation concept and strategy development
  • Off-the-shelf business options


  • Business Model design and development 
  • Marketing strategy creation 
  • Implementation Support through coaching 


  • Income generation activity concept design and strategy development
  • Off the shelf Business-in-a-Box options
  • Implementation Support and accompaniment
  • Partner strategic planning process facilitation

Discover your inner courage to truly Understand your Mission and, through facilitated strategic thinking,

Grow your Organisation until you develop the confidence to Unleash your full potential.


Michelle Davidson has worked in the non-profit sector for almost 2 decades to improve strategy, governance, sustainability, and financial management. She sits on several non-profit boards to ensure good governance, strategic oversight and financial controls. Her super-power is the ability to create structure and order from complexity and chaos. She is a strategy engineer who is able to engage with the strategic big picture, but also detailed enough to be able to operationalise that strategy.

Michelle Davidson
Bruce Wade

Bruce Wade is a Master of Strategy working with his global base of clients on issues of sustainability, innovation and profitability.   Purposeful and driven, he brings his huge heart and passion for the capability growth of both individuals and communities to those he works with.  His models and frameworks are agile, adaptable and laser-focused on the issues at hand.  You will gain clarity and direction from your work with him.

Bruce Wade

The badges we wear with pride

Our core aim is to make you feel:

Valued – you are important to us no matter who you are

Supported– we are in this together and we will do whatever we can to help, even if it is just to listen

Reassured – in the consistent quality of the service you receive

Confident– in your decision making, in your compliance, in your ability to succeed


  • To honour God through our work, attitude and relationships
  • To provide a supportive framework that facilitates both people and business development
  • To commit to honest and transparent communication with our stakeholders
  • To be a sought after employer, providing comprehensive, quality training and a productive environment
  • To be forward focused in our approach and methodologies
  • To constantly review and revamp our skills, processes and tools
  • To build a respected brand
  • To be outward focused to impact people from our local communities to the ends of the earth


  • Individuals: Everyone is made in the image of God and is therefore valuable to Him and to us. Therefore, we respect each individual’s decisions, opinions, rights, perspective, personality, and actions.
  • Growth: If you are not growing, you are dying. We value growth in the following areas: – Personal growth (intellectual and emotional) – Business/Organisational growth – Technical growth – Economic growth
  • Family: The family is the foundational unit of society and must be protected.
  • Communication: No-one is an island, how we interact affects how we perceive our world. We have the power to change a person’s perception of themselves and others.