WorkFlow 101

WorkFlow 101 is a business simulation board game and the result of over 15 years of experience in business as an Entrepreneur. The game can be played with 2 to 150 participants. Work Flow 101 simulates a typical business cycle of Purchase, Manufacture, Retail over 4 cycles each ending in a financial reconciliation exercise.

This game is best played in conjunction with a business development programme for existing business owners looking to improve their business skills. Each time you play WorkFlow 101 you will not only have a bunch of fun but also discover new ideas and tactics to apply and improve your business.

WorkFlow 101 has been designed to entertain, educate and highlight the need for good financial planning, record keeping and workflow management of a small to medium business. WorkFlow 101 is easy to learn and play but comes with a huge amount of education that can be instantly applied back into your own business and personal life.

The game is delivered in a self-contained box with all the necessary requirements to play the game. The box contains a CD/flash drive with a full set of instructional videos and printable versions of the worksheets used in the game. All other consumables can be easily made or purchased from your local stationery shop.

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