Agri-Ambassador Programme

The Agri-Ambassador Programme takes participants through a development programme incorporating vegetable food garden expertise, entrepreneurship and leadership training. The selected participants receive input on the basics of food growing while applying the knowledge by tending to a real live farm. The aim is to equip participants with the understanding, knowledge and passion to pursue a career in agriculture after completing the programme while providing food security for their families and the community.

This programme can be implemented as a community project with school learners and unemployed adults or as part of an income generation project where the garden provides income to cover the costs of the programme and a stipend for the participants.

Gym Corners

Gyms Corners offers an affordable and sustainable community based and self-owned programme that allows youth to develop their own identity through a well-managed gym and exercise programme that promotes health and wellbeing.

Gym Corners is a health business solution that is owned and managed by the gym-owner, which aims to develop a sense of self-pride, personal development and the life skills of community, competition and competence. By focussing on their personal health and fitness, the community will be less inclined to engage in unhealthy behaviours.

Gym corners can be implemented as a community sponsored project or as a mini-franchise model where each gym forms part of an income-generating model that helps support the management and operation of the project whilst providing leadership and on-going support for the gym-owner network.

Entrepreneur Launch Academy

This video-based business training programme covers 14 sections with 45 videos. Each lesson has worksheets that once complete form a workable business plan. All lessons, workbooks and instructions are provided electronically and only requires a computer or projector to run a successful training programme.

This academy programme can be used to train specifically targeted participants in an existing business development project or used as an income-generating project for community members looking for business skills.

WorkFlow 101

WorkFlow 101 is a business simulation board game that can be played with 2 to 150 participants. The game simulates a typical business cycle of Purchase, Manufacture, Retail over 4 cycles each ending in a financial reconciliation exercise. This game is best played in conjunction with a business development programme for existing business owners looking to improve their business skills.

WorkFlow 101 can be used as an additional resource in a business development programme as well as an income-generating activity for local community members who pay to play.

Silver Solutions Business Programme

The Silver Solutions programme offers you, the business owner, and a boost in confidence through 10 weeks of practical business education that is directly applicable in your business. 

After registration, you will be sent a weekly email link, giving you lifetime access to a video lesson for 1 of the 10 modules covering that week’s course for easy to apply tools and techniques for your business.

Crowd Control Book

Our latest offering to the Professional speakers, coaches and general services sector: Crowd Control eBook

What if everything you have told about traditional sales and marketing is wrong and actually designed to kill your business slowly and painfully to ensure your competition will outlast you?

What if these ideas contained in the Crowd Control book could change all that and give you the advantage?

What if your business never had to do sales ever again: but instead had to implement crowd control to manage the volume of people who wanted to engage with you and your product?

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