Strategy of People and Products

The third leg of our series on Strategy is on People and Products. This follows last week’s lesson on Purpose.

What strategy is required in order to leverage your Human assets within a business? It is not just about headcount or workforce: we need to consider the intellectual capital, wisdom, experience and relationships that come with each of your staff members.

The strategy implemented within a business should include the following:

· Staff retention

· Staff empowerment

· Staff education

· Legacy planning

Products and services within a business are also assets that need to be looked after and protected. Each different brand has a reputation in the marketplace, a following with the customers and a future of expansion. Strategies need to include the following:

· Product brand development

· Brand footprint expansion

· Existing customer retention

· Switch over customers per brand

· New customers per brand

· Associated or bundled up-sell potential

· Income diversification per product

All these may seem a little overwhelming and unattainable if you are new to all this, but these are the things that should be on the agenda of directors meetings and a part of the long-term strategic planning for any business.

We will, of course, expand on these during our weekly webinar on Wednesday. Go here to register that.

Any questions or want some help with this, please give us a call or click to make an appointment in person or via Skype.

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The Strategy of Purpose

What is the purpose of your business? You should at some stage compose a set of purpose statements, that when reading together, define the business’s purpose.

These are some ideas to start with:

1. What are the reasons for starting your business?

2. Where is the business destined to go?

3. What problem are you solving?

4. Who are you planning to reach?

5. What resources do you need?

Watch the video below for the full master class.

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Year End Strategies – Thank You

A final blog from us this year just to say thank you to all those who have played a role in our success over the past 12 months. It has been one massive year for both myself personally and for the business. But it does not stop there, we already have a expansion plan mapped out for 2015 with some key focus areas and goals ready for launch next month.

Many blessings to you and your staff for this Christmas period. No matter where you are or what you are up to may this time be special for you. Land, refuel and get ready to launch in 2015.

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Year End Strategies – Cash Flow

How to best utilise your cash flow at the end of the year to cater for the higher expenses and longer times between invoices. Knowing these simple strategies could save your business.

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