Looking Ahead to 2017

Many people are back at work this week after taking a break. Others have worked themselves to a standstill and are looking forward to a break.

Whatever group you belong to, welcome to 2017. It is going to be just another year with the same old same old. Unless you do something to change things. We have a sign in our office that reads “If you change nothing, nothing will change”. This cannot be truer. The future is what you make it and it requires a conscious move from being a reactive person to a proactive person.

Reactive people wait to be told to do something before they start anything. They wait for the alarm clock to go off, then get out of bed, they wait for others to do things for them and wait to be told what to do.

Proactive people get up early because they want to. They seek out opportunities and explore them. They invent things to do discovering new ideas and different ways to do things. They engaged with people to initiate conversation and build networks.

May your year ahead, no matter what it may throw at you, be one of focus, enthusiasm and breaking ground for growth and expansion.

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Year End Planning – Final

At the end of each season, we need to take some time to rest. Rest the body, rest the mind and rest our souls.

But too often we are so used to working in the fast lane that when it comes time for a bit or R&R, we feel guilty and put ourselves down. We need to give ourselves permission to put sown the tools of our trade and do something different. Read a book, go to movies, spend quality time with friends and family. Take a walk in nature, up a mountain, along a beach.

We were never designed to work and work and work. Even God took time to rest after creation. This models a way in which we need to live our lives. Please find time, even in this busy time of year to chill out and rejuvenate ready for the year that lies ahead.

From the team at EM-solutions to you, your staff and your family members. Congratulations for getting this far. Have a very blessed Christmas and we will pick up things in the new year as we talk about dashboards, development canvases and Wildly Important Goals.

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Year End Planning 4 – setting goals

This is session 4 of 5 in the year-end planning process. If you have not yet read the lessons or watched the videos from the previous sessions, please do before you continue.
You should now have a list of things to do for next year. This list will have all sorts of goals, activities and hopes on it. All these items need to be sorted and prioritised in order of importance. This will help you identify what needs to be done and what is a ‘nice to have’. But be firm, it is easy to downplay some of the important issues just because it is harder to do. Like joining a gym and getting your finances sorted. Yes, it can wait, but the longer you wait the more urgent it will become ending up as a critical issue later in the year.
Once you know what needs to be done, now sort them by month. It is always great to have a 12-month plan with each month having at least one WIG – Wildly Important Goal set to be focused on and achieved during that month.
Add additional and supporting goals to each month. Now you have a year full of plans.
Now it comes time for communication of these goals to all relevant people. All people who are involved or affected by your goals need to be told. This will enable them to do two things: be aware of any task they should be doing and to hold you accountable for doing your part.

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Year End Planning Part 2

Take some paper and make a list of all the things you have not achieved or got around to doing this year. This is not a guilt trip or a way to highlight your failures, but a way to acknowledge all the things just not yet done.
List the big stuff and the small items that you planned or just hoped to do, then go over the list and scratch out the ones that now seem irrelevant or unobtainable. Often we plan to do things, but circumstances change, yet we fail to change our goals. Cross these off and forget them.
The left over items can be used to determine a new list of new carry-over goals for the next year and the next exercise in this process.

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Year End Reflection Time

And into December we go. And as predicted there are always a bunch of memes, blogs and articles telling us to pause, reflect and plan. Some of them good and some not so.

But here is an exercise that could literally change your business and your future. It is so important that we have put together a short video course on the process that we will post over the next few weeks and we ask that you follow along and do the short exercise for each lesson.

Doing is different from just listening and thinking about doing. I want to encourage you to get that paper and pen out and do the work. Just 10 minutes per day over 5 days will see significant changes in your future. Guaranteed.

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Where will you be in 12 Months?

The beginning of a year allows us the time to pause, plan and proceed into the next 12 months. Too often we set huge expectations on ourselves, often shared around the dinner table at some party, where we promise to exercise more, eat less and sort out our finances. But this rarely ever translates into any form of action or progress.

So If I had to ask you this: Where do you expect to be in 12 months from now? What would your answer truly be?  Could you say with any level of certainty that your would have moved forward in your life goals and be better off?

Watch this sort video to get some inspiration on setting yourself up for the next year.

Share with us some of your main goals for 2015. I dare you….

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