Client Focus: New App Launched: SightSeeking

It is not often that we get to celebrate a new mobile app launch here at Entrepreneur and Management Solutions but today is the exception. Evert Hoff is a seasoned app developer and techno guru with a number of apps, websites and many corporate offerings under his belt has launched version 2.0 of Sightseeking.

We have been working with Evert for a number of months now as he has firmed up his Treasure Chest app run mainly in Canada. Treasure Chest is an aggregation platform for online competitions, allowing users to see in one space all the current competitions based on entered search criteria.  This has proved to be very successful and profitable for Evert.

In between his corporate contracts and taking time off to complete his new project, this month he realised the launch of Sight Seeking on to the Apple store.

Sight Seeking is a simple and effective way to hunt ‘treasure’ using GSP tagged photos that are loaded onto the app by different users. You select the picture you wish to hunt and when you estimate you are in the position that the photo was taken, you ‘dig’ to find the treasure and claim your virtual prize.

Launched in its early stages Sight Seeking offers the user a number of photos to find with the initial load. Hailed as the best app since the Pokémon hunting game took the world by storm last year, Sight Seeking offers the users localised, customisable treasure quests and tourist destination offerings.

If you are wanting to get outdoors or get the kids away from their beds, then download Sight Seeking today from the Apple store and get hunting.

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Looking Ahead to 2017

Many people are back at work this week after taking a break. Others have worked themselves to a standstill and are looking forward to a break.

Whatever group you belong to, welcome to 2017. It is going to be just another year with the same old same old. Unless you do something to change things. We have a sign in our office that reads “If you change nothing, nothing will change”. This cannot be truer. The future is what you make it and it requires a conscious move from being a reactive person to a proactive person.

Reactive people wait to be told to do something before they start anything. They wait for the alarm clock to go off, then get out of bed, they wait for others to do things for them and wait to be told what to do.

Proactive people get up early because they want to. They seek out opportunities and explore them. They invent things to do discovering new ideas and different ways to do things. They engaged with people to initiate conversation and build networks.

May your year ahead, no matter what it may throw at you, be one of focus, enthusiasm and breaking ground for growth and expansion.

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Ammaarah talks about her passions in the kitchen

One of our clients, Ammaarah aka Ammaarah-Licious gets a chance to chat to the Spice4Life team about her passions and life.

Ammaarah Petersen knew she wanted to be a chef from a very young age.


“At the age of four I knew I wanted to be a chef,” said Petersen, who currently owns Ammaarah-Licious, a company offering private chef services, corporate lunches, and the opportunity to book a private dinner on Clifton Beach. “I used to help my mom in the kitchen all the time, because my family, we celebrate with food. Every single thing is a feast.”

Unlike most people’s childhood ambitions, Petersen’s was realised: she’s done everything from supplying restaurants with staff to doing cooking demonstrations at food festivals to catering film productions to leading the kitchen at South Africa’s #1 hotel and spa.

“I always say: Good food gives you a good mood,” the chef said. “When you eat good food, I feel that it actually gives you a purpose. Most people don’t actually take note of what they’re eating, they just eat to eat. Whereas what I’ve found is if you actually plan what you’re eating, you get the best out of a person.” Read more….

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EI Client wins best of the best

Josh2Josh Thirion, a local budding Entrepreneur and only just a teenager has been awarded the Best of the Best Gourmand award for Children’s Cookbooks at the event in Frankfurt, Germany last week.
Josh joined the Entrepreneur Incubator earlier this year to develop an online branding strategy and create new ways to diversify the income streams into his developing business.
Over the last few months we have designed and launched his website, created a YouTube channel that now has a number of his own cooking videos and created both above and below the line campaigns to enhance his brand.
Josh, supported by his parents has gone from strength to strength after his first book “Cook with Josh” won the annual Gourmand award in Paris a few years ago. This success spurred him on to compile a second book “Bake with Josh” that won a Special Jury award in China earlier this year.
All the previous award winners assembled in Frankfurt last week to celebrate 20 years of Gourmand awards and the best of the best were selected. No surprise to us Josh’s book was nominated and won in the category Children’s Cookbooks.
The plans for the brand Josh in the Kitchen now include an expanded online presence, with a soon the be launched shop and online membership club, a lot more cooking videos and a host of special appearances with all the fellow cooking celebs Josh has now met up with.
It is always a great privilege to share the successes of our clients, not matter how small, but something this big, we feel like shouting it from the roof tops. Congrats Josh and Mom and Dad. We look forward to a future where all your dreams come true.
Read more about Josh on his website and signup to get his newsletter and become a member of his exclusive online club.

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The Future of Human Energy is Here

Colin  Hall iPersonal Energy Journeys a name that has echoed through the halls of corporate South Africa for many years. Colin has spent time at SAB and more recently at Wooltru as Chairman of the group. Colin grew up with power and autocratic leadership. Steve his son has had a very different life: Steve loves golf, wildlife, the big outdoors and the freedom of the human spirit.

Then one day Colin played Monopoly with Steve. This day was a defining moment in both their lives. Today they work side by side teaching corporate executives, business owners, headmasters and scholars across Africa the power of collaborative human energy. A concept we have come to learn, love and adopt in our own business.

Colin and Steve have recently completed recording their programme to video and it is now available on DVD and e-learning platforms. This course is not for everyone. It is not for those who are stuck in the rut of power and ‘do it my way’ leadership. It is not for those who look at life as a playground for their own gain. It is also not for those who want to remain a victim of their circumstances or their past.

The Personal Energy Journey is a journey that will walk you through a number of truths, defining moments and many redefining actions towards a destination of understanding self, others and life in a whole new way. It is about collaboration, cooperation and completeness.

If you are in anyway linked to leading others, running a business, teaching or wanting to get more out of life, then this programme is an essential part of your future.

Review the introduction here and the overview here, then decide how you will want to attend this programme: e-learning or DVD and seize your future. It is waiting for you.


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Who is your sounding board?

A huge part of my work involves being a sounding board for new and creative ideas. It is my job to ask the right questions and to offer the prescribed advice to those who want to venture down an unknown road into the future.

A business coach needs a number of tools in their armoury to pull out and use at the right time when required. But most importantly is the skill to listen and understand what is being said as well as what is not being said.

I had a casual session with Amanda yesterday and we discussed her current ventures and decisions in her business and just be listing and giving feedback, I was able to have a huge impact on her day. To the point that she wrote about our time together on her blog this morning. So I thought I would share it with you to see how important not only a solid business coach is to business development but also a person who can listen and act as a solid sounding board.

Thanks Amanda for the kind words. Read her blog here.


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How to beat the odds of failure in business?

What if there was a cheat code for starting a business. All you needed to do was enter the code A43F6T48 into your phone app and you instantly became invincible and financially enabled. Then you could launch whatever business idea you have.

Seems unlikely in the real world, but are there ways to beat the odds of start up failure. With up to 80% failure rate of small emerging businesses in South Africa, it is still a wonder why we see so many new registered businesses each month. Your odds of winning at the Lotto seem almost better and a whole lot cheaper.

New Picture (12)

But there are stats that depict a reversal of these odds with up to an 80% success rate for businesses who participate in a good quality Incubator. A successful Incubator with a solid methodology for business development accompanied by experienced start up coaches and a network of associated practitioners who will guide and lead you to the right places towards success.

If there were such places, why do so many people still risk the odds of trying to go it alone and beat the system? Maybe for the same reason that there are long queues at the Lotto each week, or hundreds of people at the casinos each evening. The faintest of hope drives people to play the odds and try to win, knowing deep down that it is almost impossible.

But beat the odds we do. Here at the Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy we have a very well versed plan of action to start any business. Our Steps to Success guides our clients together with solid coaching and mentoring along a road that will ask all the required questions to lead to points of Viability through Feasibility to Sustainability. Each step is equipped with Go/No Go scenarios and we will never waste time trying to pursue an idea or product that does not match up to the rules. This assists in failing fast and not wasting time, energy and money in the process.

Actually come to think of it, there is a cheat code to business success. It is simply and email to to book your first session. We look forward to your success.

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Sales Techniques for Effective Entrepreneurs

Just last week we published our latest online course titled: ‘Sales Techniques for Effective Entrepreneurs’. This course has created such a buzz with 960 people signing up in the first 4 days. Our greatest launch to date.

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The course covers aspects of selling that are not normally covered in marketing workshops. We look at how to define your product, create a scripted sales pitch based on a defines sales funnel and the sales cycle. We chat about how to ask the right questions using the right content for the right audience at the right time. The course concludes with a look at a template to use for all future marketing campaigns. All together a very comprehensive course.

With Spring just around the corner for us in the south, we are offering a chance for you to participate in this course for half price using our spring coupon. Click HERE to access the course and pay only $10 for lifetime access to all the videos, handouts and notes.

This coupon is only valid until the end of September with a limited number of places, so first click first learn. Our gift to you, Enjoy Click HERE

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Presentation Skills 101-2 The Personal Elevator Pitch

We are asked to introduce ourselves many times each day. This should be done in a short sharp 10-15 word sentence. Accompany this with your business card and a smile and you are already in the top 10% of people in the room.

So let’s look at the anatomy of a personal introduction. It needs to include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your interest
  • Your job function
  • The business you work for
  • Call to action

Write these out in point form and then just string them together to make a sentence. Keep it witty and easy to understand. Drop any long syllable words and technical words and it should be done.

Remember that people want to do business with people before doing business with your business, so be a person first. Be interesting and show yourself, step out from behind the business mask and be the real you.

If you are stuck with this try some of the following techniques;

  • Mention your favorite sports team
  • Tell people of a recent accomplishment
  • Tell people about a book you are reading
  • Share a good bit about your family

The more you practice this the better you will become. Practice, practice, practice, until you are confident.

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