Colin  Hall iPersonal Energy Journeys a name that has echoed through the halls of corporate South Africa for many years. Colin has spent time at SAB and more recently at Wooltru as Chairman of the group. Colin grew up with power and autocratic leadership. Steve his son has had a very different life: Steve loves golf, wildlife, the big outdoors and the freedom of the human spirit.

Then one day Colin played Monopoly with Steve. This day was a defining moment in both their lives. Today they work side by side teaching corporate executives, business owners, headmasters and scholars across Africa the power of collaborative human energy. A concept we have come to learn, love and adopt in our own business.

Colin and Steve have recently completed recording their programme to video and it is now available on DVD and e-learning platforms. This course is not for everyone. It is not for those who are stuck in the rut of power and ‘do it my way’ leadership. It is not for those who look at life as a playground for their own gain. It is also not for those who want to remain a victim of their circumstances or their past.

The Personal Energy Journey is a journey that will walk you through a number of truths, defining moments and many redefining actions towards a destination of understanding self, others and life in a whole new way. It is about collaboration, cooperation and completeness.

If you are in anyway linked to leading others, running a business, teaching or wanting to get more out of life, then this programme is an essential part of your future.

Review the introduction here and the overview here, then decide how you will want to attend this programme: e-learning or DVD and seize your future. It is waiting for you.