Life Series Podcast Presents Bruce Wade

BruceThis week on the Life Series podcast, SPICE4LIFE interviewed Bruce Wade, CEO of Entrepreneur and Management Solutions, about his views on youth development and his various career changes over the course of his life.

An eloquent, opinionated man, Wade has worked as a navy officer, computer operator, project manager, programmer, process reengineer, trainer, author, and coach. In his free time, he strives to improve himself and expand his knowledge by reading whatever he feels will help him in his work and taking up to several courses at a time. He doesn’t write exams– he doesn’t need the certifications, he says, just the knowledge. He has his life’s motto – “Get it Done” – tattooed on his body.

Wade was born in Chingola in the southwest of Zambia and attended Bryanston High School outside of Johannesburg before embarking on his first adventure – joining the South African Merchant Navy.

“When you’re young you have no cooking clue what you want to do,” he said. “You have no idea what life is about. I joined the merchant navy to sail to exotic places and meet exotic people.”

There, he gained skills including training as a fire fighter, a ship’s doctor, and navigating by the stars.

Eventually, Wade realised that he wanted to more with his life and took an Information Technology aptitude test while on leave. In the mid-80s, the IT field was just beginning to emerge, and Wade scored 100 on the aptitude test.

“The guy just said to me, ‘Whatever you’re doing now, stop, you’ve got to get into IT,’” Wade said. “Because my scores were off the charts. My brain was wired for IT.”

After years in IT, Wade began to apply his analytical and organisational skills to managing companies. He is currently Chief Entrepreneur Officer (and, as he puts it, Chief Buttkicker) of Entrepreneur and Management Solutions. The company offers accounting services, coaching programmes, and marketing solutions to help entrepreneurs and businesses achieve sustainable growth.

Basically, he said, his business is about “bringing new ideas into organisations and changing the organisation to be more sustainable, cutting out the waste,

[and] cutting out the habits that weren’t meant to be there.”

Wade is currently working on a new method of marketing that focuses on a narrative, story-telling approach. He hopes that by using classic story-telling techniques – the hero, the villain, “once upon a time” – he can encourage the audience to connect with an ad.

Entrepreneur and Management Solutions is also currently working on an initiative in Sudan, helping refugees learn entrepreneurial skills to help them establish a life in their new country.

Wade defines success by “sleeping well at night”, puts his faith in God and his own practiced perseverance to get him through tough times, and believes in working hard to get where you want to be.

“Every day’s a constant fight,” he said. “The wonderful analogy is that if you go back to the 80s and 90s, it was like rowing a boat on flat water, where today working is like rowing a little kayak uphill in a waterfall with white water.”

Listen to Bruce Wade’s Life Series interview here.

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Entrepreneur Incubator, World Academy and Spice4Life take online education by storm

The reputable Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy (EI), which offers online education, has joined forces with two other top companies in a strategic partnership geared towards enhancing the online education sphere in South Africa.

With the world and everything in the day to day life constantly evolving, technology has made life easier at so many levels.

It is this quick evolution of technology that has not only led to the necessity for people to continue educating themselves in this fast-moving world, but has also made online learning a preferable option of acquiring education.

The Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy (EI), a company founded by Bruce Wade in 2010, is one of the few that offers, among other things, this incredible way of learning – online education. The aim of this micro-learning methodology is to teach the critical skills for today’s fast-moving life in an easier and accessible way.

Michelle and BruceTo enhance the already much sought after services it renders; EI recently launched a significant collaboration with two successful companies that have the same focus. The World Academy and SPICE4LIFE have joined forces with EI in a bid to present innovative learning and new approaches on how to best manage and develop online distance courses and programmes.

This incredible partnership was launched on Thursday 12 March 2015, at the EI offices in Woodstock, Cape Town.

EI’s Bruce regarded the newly formed alliance as a significant development that would lead to the services rendered by the company being augmented for the benefit of the target market. In an interview following the launch, Bruce explained how crucial it was to have formed a partnership with both the World Academy and SPICE4LIFE, which both bring into the partnership equally valuable expertise and experience in online learning.

“It is important to always look into ways to consistently enhance what we are doing so that we can not only stay relevant but also in order to be able to keep up with the constant changes in the world around us. As an online learning platform, we have always taken the lead and have not shied away from embracing new ways of doing things.

“This new partnership with the World Academy and SPICE4LIFE will certainly take us to new heights and we are looking forward to impact the online learning environment together with the two new partners,” said Bruce.

Omar and SuzanneWorld Academy is an Australia-based company that was founded by Omar Anzur, a former banker.  In his presentation during the launch, Omar explained how his move to establish World Academy was expected to ripple into people getting a platform to develop themselves further through online education.

“I founded World Academy after seeing the power of education technology to empower people around the world to learn and fulfil their potential,” said Omar.

For Omar, this is not only about making money but about making an impact in other people’s lives by making quality education easily accessible and convenient for them. The ultimate aim, Omar said, would be to see as many people as possible having access to education.

“I dream of a world where everybody can access high quality education,” he said.

Omar runs World Academy together with his wife Suzanne Clarke, an accountant, who is equally passionate about empowering and making a difference in people’s lives. Her motto in life is “Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.”

Making a difference in people’s lives is the common denominator that drives both Omar and Suzanne, and the partnership with EI has seen them being in good company as Wade shares the exact sentiments.

The couple was in South Africa on one of their many business trips, which included attending the launch in Woodstock.

The third partner in this dynamic trio of companies that are set to revolutionise the online learning experience for many South Africans, SPICE4LIFE, also brings great advantages into the picture.

SPICE4LIFE’s founder and CEO Michelle Korevaar, a marketer by trade, is passionate about connecting, informing, and inspiring women in South Africa and the rest of the continent through what she calls “edutainment”.

Her company offers entrepreneurs and communities an opportunity to have a voice and grow their online reputation. The company is not only concerned about providing a platform for online education but it also seeks to ensure that the learning occurs in an entertaining way.

The uppermost objective for Michelle is to make a difference in people’s lives, particularly in the lives of women.

“We have made it our mission not to conform to what will pay the rent, but what will leave a legacy in the hearts of the women who visited our space. The needs of the women come first,” said Michelle in her presentation.

These three companies will work together to implement unique learning opportunities brought by online education technologies. Their passion lies in the developing countries of Africa.

TeamThough they are still operating locally (in South Africa) at the moment, they are looking into expanding and spreading their business throughout the continent. In a few months’ time, they are set to expand their footprint and start similar operations in other parts of the African continent that is in need of such online learning platforms.

The expansion into Africa would provide the three companies with yet another opportunity to fulfil their objective of making a difference in people’s lives as previous research has revealed that a large number of people, particularly those in sub Saharan Africa, have limited access to opportunities for further learning.

The relationship between the three companies started when SPICE4LIFE’s Michelle, who already knew Bruce, met Omar a while ago. Omar told Michelle about e-learning, which is something that interested her and she then introduced Omar to Bruce in a small move that could mark the start of bigger things.

Given their common interests, the three business people then decided to collaborate through their companies since they all are passionate about educating people through the online route.


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Ambassador for Spice4Life

ambassadorBruce Wade has been appointed Ambassador for the Spice4Life brand: this as part of the roll out of the new relationship between Spice4Life, World Academy and Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy. Through this new venture we aim to rehash the way online courses and e-learning programmes are delivered to the end user to South Africa and up through the African Continent.

We will be instrumental in creating content for the World Academy platform using video, animation and e-books in partnership with some of the brightest innovative minds we can find. We are also looking for people with a story to tell, that inspires and supports our vision.

If you would like to contribute to this in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.

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