The 10 Myths of entrepreneurship

1. Successful entrepreneurs are male drop outs and secret geniuses.

No. The potential of successful entrepreneurship is in each of us.  The entrepreneurial idea begins with unique means that a person already has.

2. It’s not the goals we focus on in the beginning but the means, by acting without a single fixed goal.

Wrong! You need to have a goal of where you want to see your business.

3. It takes a lot of money to finance a new business.

Not really, you can start your business with your available means.

4. People will still your ideas if you talk about them. Keep them a secret.

You have to talk about your ventures and goals to extend your means and portfolio of goal.

5. Entrepreneurship is a win – lose situation, where you decide who gets the largest piece of cake.

In entrepreneurship the cake is not even yet baked. Those who want to join bring their means and ideas to bake the cake together.

6. It’s not a win – win situation either.

In business you build the future together, without competing.

7. You just have to go with the flow.

Wrong! you need a business plan. How else are you going to know where you are going if you do not have a plan?

8. You need to follow a learnable routine and formulas to become a successful entrepreneur.

Wrong. Everyone of us have a unique start of means that can be applied by anyone to become successful in business.

9. Entrepreneurship is rooted in the genes.

No. Entrepreneurs are made, not born!

10. Entrepreneurs can predict the future.

The only thing entrepreneurs do with future is build it, not predict it. They are definitely not prophets.

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Our new venture: EI Productions

EI ProductionsAfter a number of years dabbling in the video business we have decided that with all the lessons we have learnt, why not make it into a business. So as from 01 May, EI Productions will be launched to the market as a “Business Video solutions” company.

We have a fully equipped video and sound studio that boasts a green screen, two cameras, lights, live monitors and  wireless sound. We are able to shoot most business related videos for use on websites, YouTube channels, presentations, e-learning platforms or promotions. Our skills set includes whiteboard animation, script writing, presenter coaching and full editing functions.

Our staff compliment include Joyce (script writer and editor), Esther (videographer and editor) and Jeanne (Video director and editor) with Bruce looking over their shoulder to ensure all clients remain super happy.

So if you are looking for a video to take your business or brand to the next level in marketing, then EI Productions could be your cost effective solution you have been looking for. Check out the new website with a number of our already produced videos and give us a call or click to chat about your next video.

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Entrepreneur Incubator, World Academy and Spice4Life take online education by storm

The reputable Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy (EI), which offers online education, has joined forces with two other top companies in a strategic partnership geared towards enhancing the online education sphere in South Africa.

With the world and everything in the day to day life constantly evolving, technology has made life easier at so many levels.

It is this quick evolution of technology that has not only led to the necessity for people to continue educating themselves in this fast-moving world, but has also made online learning a preferable option of acquiring education.

The Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy (EI), a company founded by Bruce Wade in 2010, is one of the few that offers, among other things, this incredible way of learning – online education. The aim of this micro-learning methodology is to teach the critical skills for today’s fast-moving life in an easier and accessible way.

Michelle and BruceTo enhance the already much sought after services it renders; EI recently launched a significant collaboration with two successful companies that have the same focus. The World Academy and SPICE4LIFE have joined forces with EI in a bid to present innovative learning and new approaches on how to best manage and develop online distance courses and programmes.

This incredible partnership was launched on Thursday 12 March 2015, at the EI offices in Woodstock, Cape Town.

EI’s Bruce regarded the newly formed alliance as a significant development that would lead to the services rendered by the company being augmented for the benefit of the target market. In an interview following the launch, Bruce explained how crucial it was to have formed a partnership with both the World Academy and SPICE4LIFE, which both bring into the partnership equally valuable expertise and experience in online learning.

“It is important to always look into ways to consistently enhance what we are doing so that we can not only stay relevant but also in order to be able to keep up with the constant changes in the world around us. As an online learning platform, we have always taken the lead and have not shied away from embracing new ways of doing things.

“This new partnership with the World Academy and SPICE4LIFE will certainly take us to new heights and we are looking forward to impact the online learning environment together with the two new partners,” said Bruce.

Omar and SuzanneWorld Academy is an Australia-based company that was founded by Omar Anzur, a former banker.  In his presentation during the launch, Omar explained how his move to establish World Academy was expected to ripple into people getting a platform to develop themselves further through online education.

“I founded World Academy after seeing the power of education technology to empower people around the world to learn and fulfil their potential,” said Omar.

For Omar, this is not only about making money but about making an impact in other people’s lives by making quality education easily accessible and convenient for them. The ultimate aim, Omar said, would be to see as many people as possible having access to education.

“I dream of a world where everybody can access high quality education,” he said.

Omar runs World Academy together with his wife Suzanne Clarke, an accountant, who is equally passionate about empowering and making a difference in people’s lives. Her motto in life is “Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.”

Making a difference in people’s lives is the common denominator that drives both Omar and Suzanne, and the partnership with EI has seen them being in good company as Wade shares the exact sentiments.

The couple was in South Africa on one of their many business trips, which included attending the launch in Woodstock.

The third partner in this dynamic trio of companies that are set to revolutionise the online learning experience for many South Africans, SPICE4LIFE, also brings great advantages into the picture.

SPICE4LIFE’s founder and CEO Michelle Korevaar, a marketer by trade, is passionate about connecting, informing, and inspiring women in South Africa and the rest of the continent through what she calls “edutainment”.

Her company offers entrepreneurs and communities an opportunity to have a voice and grow their online reputation. The company is not only concerned about providing a platform for online education but it also seeks to ensure that the learning occurs in an entertaining way.

The uppermost objective for Michelle is to make a difference in people’s lives, particularly in the lives of women.

“We have made it our mission not to conform to what will pay the rent, but what will leave a legacy in the hearts of the women who visited our space. The needs of the women come first,” said Michelle in her presentation.

These three companies will work together to implement unique learning opportunities brought by online education technologies. Their passion lies in the developing countries of Africa.

TeamThough they are still operating locally (in South Africa) at the moment, they are looking into expanding and spreading their business throughout the continent. In a few months’ time, they are set to expand their footprint and start similar operations in other parts of the African continent that is in need of such online learning platforms.

The expansion into Africa would provide the three companies with yet another opportunity to fulfil their objective of making a difference in people’s lives as previous research has revealed that a large number of people, particularly those in sub Saharan Africa, have limited access to opportunities for further learning.

The relationship between the three companies started when SPICE4LIFE’s Michelle, who already knew Bruce, met Omar a while ago. Omar told Michelle about e-learning, which is something that interested her and she then introduced Omar to Bruce in a small move that could mark the start of bigger things.

Given their common interests, the three business people then decided to collaborate through their companies since they all are passionate about educating people through the online route.


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Welcome aboard Chevon.

Chevon Cupido joins the team as a Strategic Assistant. She will be working alongside myself in supporting our clients and helping to generate modules, tools and workshop materials. She is based at our offices in the Upper East Side Hotel, Woodstock. If you want to get more info from us, then please contact Chevon direct on

Great to have you aboard Chevon, trust your time with us will be productive and interesting.

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The Action Model – confidence


Video 2: Your personal confidence comes from your Faith, Experiences and Education. As we explore this, it becomes evident that our resources to enable action come from these. In future videos s we will explore the relationship between our Confidence and our fears and frustrations and what needs to change in order to trigger action in our lives.

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