My daughter came home the other day and asked me, “Dad, how do leaves come out of sticks?” The dry and not very attractive stick on a tree seems to magically produce a small green bud followed by lush green leaves that in turn produce feedback to and nourishment to the stick, branch and entire plant.

Good question. Very similar to “How do we get results out of dry business processes?”

To coach any tree into the required shape there is always pruning, feeding, tying up and throwing away required. How is your business doing? Need some pruning, feeding, tying up design and throwing away?

Year-End Planning? – Does planning not only happen at the beginning of the year and not now?

Taking time for a short strategic planning session at this time of year will set you and your business up for a huge strategic advantage for the coming year.

Join me for an online master class on all things business planning on Wednesday 28th November at 12:00

Bookings on Quicket at Investment just R150 per business.