Welcome aboard Chevon.

Chevon Cupido joins the team as a Strategic Assistant. She will be working alongside myself in supporting our clients and helping to generate modules, tools and workshop materials. She is based at our offices in the Upper East Side Hotel, Woodstock. If you want to get more info from us, then please contact Chevon direct on admin@ei.co.za

Great to have you aboard Chevon, trust your time with us will be productive and interesting.

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Small Business Productivity Model

We are in the final stages of creating courses and workshops around our new offering: The small Business Productivity Model. This simple, yet profound tool will help identify the areas of your business that need more focus while supporting other areas already established. Just by completing the template, your business will be able to experience a more focused approach to day processes and procedures.

Watch the introduction video and get your name on the list of workshops to be run soon.

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The Action Model – confidence


Video 2: Your personal confidence comes from your Faith, Experiences and Education. As we explore this, it becomes evident that our resources to enable action come from these. In future videos s we will explore the relationship between our Confidence and our fears and frustrations and what needs to change in order to trigger action in our lives.

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Year End Planning 5

Create a plan and set yourself apart form those who fail. Create a priority list of Critical, Important and nice to have, then convert the critical items to monthly WIGS (Wildly Important Goals). Start the year off willing able and enthusiastic.

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