Global Entrepreneurship Week: Workshop 3

Cool Marketing tools for your business.

In the third workshop of today’s snappy workshops series about Social Media, we have looked into the various tools that you can use to market your business.

All these tools do the work  that you want in one marketing task, every day. The attendees learned on how to get these tools to work for you and your business while you spend less time  a day on one simple marketing task that will bring the work you want.

Below are some of the tools we talked about:



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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Workshop 2

Social Media Strategy for your business.

20151117_120922This is the second in a series of workshops we are running today as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. The purpose of these workshops is to share information and activities that are of interest to entrepreneurs and businesses at large.

In the second workshop of today we talked about the Social Media Strategies for your business. The workshop takes you through the best ways to use social media through an actionable strategy using engaging content generation and social media monitoring.  By now you probably realize that social media has taken over our lives, and a lot of businesses use social media to market themselves.

Here is how you can use Social Media for your business:

1. Know where your clients are.

– Get to know where your clients hang out. Do not fish in an empty pond.

2. Post company information.

– The platform that you can utilize to post any news about your company are:

  • Your company website
  • Your company twitter account
  • Your company Facebook Page
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Blog

3. Increase your presence on social media platforms.

  • Blog at least three times a week.
  • Use interesting, catchy titles
  • Write series instead of long articles
  • Engage with the users

To get more info on this presentation visit, the slides are available for you there.


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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Workshop 1

20151117_094531As Part of the Global Entrepreneur Week, EI is running a series of snappy workshops today and tomorrow (17 – 18 November).

We have kick started our workshops, with the first workshop being on cleaning your online profile.Today’s first workshop highlighted key places on social profiles where hiring managers or potential clients look for “red flags”.

How important is it to keep a clean and professional profile online? How effective is it?

In today’s competitive world, especially in the job market, it is important to stand out on paper, in person, and even online. It is critical to think about what you post on social media platforms.

1. Profile Pictures

  • Get professional pictures taken -Be sure to choose pictures that paint a clean, friendly image about you.
  • No selfies
  • No pets, children or foetal scans
  • No group pictures
  • Do not post provocative or inappropriate photos.
  • Do not post photos of yourself  drinking or using drugs.

Among other things that we have covered in the workshop are:

  • Personal information – Write it out and keep editing it.
  • Personal website – It is important for everyone to have their own URL. e.g
  • Professional biography – Create a one-pager profile (almost like a brochure of yourself).
  • Company pages – Update your info on any business pages you are associated with.

For better or for worse, your social media profiles serve as an advertisement of your personal brand. So how do you make sure that your profile is clean? Google yourself. Find out what other can learn about you by doing a simple search.





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