We all know that a logo is the trademark that represents and identifies your brand.  It is probably the first thing your customers think of when it comes to identifying your brand. Logo design is a true art – from the colour to shape. A good logo should stir up some emotions in a client. It should infer particular qualities about your brand. Shapes

Now let’s look at the shape of your logo, what does it say about your brand? Straight lines, circles, curves, triangles, squares, all imply different meanings.

Circles, rings & ovals – circles have an implication of community, unity, friendship, relationship, a sense of belonging. Rings give an implication of marriage and partnership.

Triangles & squares – mean stability and can also be used to imply balance.

Lines – Vertical lines are associated with masculinity and strength. While horizontal lines suggest community, tranquillity and calm.

Rounded letters, jagged and angular typefaces – give a dynamic, soft and youthful appeal.