Looking back to plan forward Part 3

GoalsThis week we will take a short journey through a series of exercises that we use to cement the leanings from the past year and prepare for the quantum leap into 2016.

Today we will begin to look ahead to 2016 and put pen to paper on what your BHAGs and WIGs are. Let’s start with goal setting, this is preached at every business and personal development and time management seminar you will ever go to and for good reason.

Setting Goals do actually work. Simply by writing out your goals and sharing them with other people, you have already done up to 40% of the work towards achieving them. So get going. Set some goals for 2016. We are encouraged by John Maxwell to set BHAG, Big Hairy Audacious Goals. These are goals bigger than ourselves, a little larger than we would be comfortable with and just out of reach of our normal way of operation.

What this does to us is causes us to grow in ourselves and learn to rely on others to achieve them. Both are not so bad things. We are also told by Covey to set and keep a list of WIG’s, Wildy Important Goals. These are the top 3 to 5 goals that we spend 80% of our time on each day. We read them when we get up and re read them before we go to bed, they are top of mind at all times.

So what are your goals for 2016? Write out a list of 20 main objectives for the new year. Remember to include some of the following categories: Finance, Business, Personal Development, Family, Fun Time, Product Research, Networking and Holidays. Have fun with this and allow your mind to dream a bit. If your list scares you a little you have done it right. Now select your top 5 WIGS and circle them in red. Job done.

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B.O.B Episode 5 – How intentional is your business

How intentional is your business? This might sound like a weird question, but it is a question that will challenge you and make you introspect yourself about  your business, why it is there and where it is going.

If you know the intentions of your business then you should be able to answer this question without grabbling with the answer first. If you find yourself finding it hard to answer this question, then you need to pause for a moment, think about this question, and ask yourself how intentional is your business.

We’ve been working with John Maxwell and his new programme called #IntentionalLiving that has started and spread all over the globe in the past few weeks. This programme is challenging us to think about how we live our lives intentionally on a daily basis. It challenges us to really go into introspection and ask ourselves what is it that we are doing intentionally as people, as staff, as businesses, etc?

Now, if your business is just waiting for something to happen in order for it to react, then you have a reactive business. That is a business that waits for opportunities to come for it to grow. That means it is the opposite of an intentional business. It is almost like waiting for an opportunity to hit you in the face for you to make a sale and to grow.

An intentional business is a business that does not wait for opportunities, but goes out there to look for them. . It sends out scarves to unknown territories, beyond comfortable and known territories. That involves networking, talking to people, selling your products or services to a whole lot of people out there.

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The “DO IT NOW” habit

6bfa1bc0f3ac9674cc9493e58b2b35f7Yesterday we had an opportunity to attend the John Maxwell Live2Lead conference, an insightful, life-changing event themed Intentional Living. The event was packed with valuable content delivered by some of the greatest leadership coaches like John C. Maxwell, Pat Lencioni and Valorie Burton. Broadcast to thousands of people across the globe, John Maxwell shared with us about significance of Intentional Living.

One of the things he told the audience was that we need to get into the habit of doing things now – which he termed the “DO IT NOW” habit. That challenged and left me inspired as I am one of those people who sometimes struggle with the thief of time that is synonymously called procrastination.

We all procrastinate at some point in life. How often do you feel your head spinning with great ideas about how to improve your life, start your own business, or make a difference in other people’s lives? And how often do you find yourself stuck in the same place, doing nothing but making the same promises to yourself and repeating the same excuses?

So what is it that stops us? Why are we waiting? Why can’t we do it now?  You see, many times we miss opportunities that could have changed our lives because of procrastination.

John Maxwell said a significant thing that “before you get out of bed every morning, say ‘do it now’ 50 times. At the end of the day before you go to sleep, the last thing you should do is say ‘do it now’ 50 times.”

When you live each day with intention, there’s almost no limit to what you can do. So why wait? Do not enslave yourself by putting things on hold. Do it now!

It is time to have a sense of urgency. What we need to know and tell ourselves is that ‘now’ is always the right time.

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