It is not often that we get to celebrate a new mobile app launch here at Entrepreneur and Management Solutions but today is the exception. Evert Hoff is a seasoned app developer and techno guru with a number of apps, websites and many corporate offerings under his belt has launched version 2.0 of Sightseeking.

We have been working with Evert for a number of months now as he has firmed up his Treasure Chest app run mainly in Canada. Treasure Chest is an aggregation platform for online competitions, allowing users to see in one space all the current competitions based on entered search criteria.  This has proved to be very successful and profitable for Evert.

In between his corporate contracts and taking time off to complete his new project, this month he realised the launch of Sight Seeking on to the Apple store.

Sight Seeking is a simple and effective way to hunt ‘treasure’ using GSP tagged photos that are loaded onto the app by different users. You select the picture you wish to hunt and when you estimate you are in the position that the photo was taken, you ‘dig’ to find the treasure and claim your virtual prize.

Launched in its early stages Sight Seeking offers the user a number of photos to find with the initial load. Hailed as the best app since the Pokémon hunting game took the world by storm last year, Sight Seeking offers the users localised, customisable treasure quests and tourist destination offerings.

If you are wanting to get outdoors or get the kids away from their beds, then download Sight Seeking today from the Apple store and get hunting.