From the people I get to see and consult with each month, most are Techies. People who have learnt a trade in the industry and have gotten to a point that they think they now know everything or enough about what they do to start their own business. Technicians make great business owners because they know what they are talking about. Better a Technician who sucks at business than a businessman who bullsh#ts his way through the sales process.

All businesses need someone to wear the hat of the technician. These are the people who get the job done and know the details of the business down to the smallest nut and bolt. Most small businesses are born from the technician and develop through a series of growth levels, normally from the lounge to garage to wendy-house to factory shop to warehouse.

The problem we see with technical people is the lack of business acumen and procedures. They get the job done but there is little or no paperwork or marketing. Cash flow and planning become huge issues. And they often see their business failing because of some legislative issue like tax or DTI regulations. If you are a Techie then make sure your partner or outsource with a Manager hat to advise you and keep you on the straight and narrow. If sales and new ideas is an issue, then hire a coach or consult with an Entrepreneur hat, they make great company.