How Do You Score out of 12?

Developing a principle-based business is easier on paper than it is in practice. Each and everyday business leaders will be challenged to push the boundaries on their principles, both personal and business. For some, this is not an issue, but for those of us who have clear and firm boundaries on how we wish to run things, it is a constant challenge.

In a recent workshop, we were challenged with 12 principles for a Godly business that seemed to fall in line with our own vision and mission statements, but when we began to scratch a little there was definitely some uncomfortable shifting in seat amongst all those present. Here they are in summary: How do you measure up to these in your business?

1.       Whatever you do in word or deed, do it for God

2.       Do all things without complaining and disputing

3.       Be humble

4.       Watch what you say

5.       Keep learning

6.       Guard your integrity

7.       Work hard

8.       Seek good counsel

9.       Honour God with your wealth

10.   Show mercy and be gracious

11.   Control your anger

12.   Don’t fear people

There were a number of additions to this list once we began to discuss our own lives and businesses, but these are a good start to help define an initial culture of authentic business practices.

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August spotlight: Gertina Watermeyer

“Gertina Watermeyer is the Director of Young Nails Cape North. She started her small one-man business whilst studying health and skincare for 3 years from 2010 to 2012 at Camelot International.

 In 2011 Gertina attended an additional Nail Course as it was not covered as part of her studies not knowing that this will be the main direction of her business. In 2013 she converted to the brand Young Nails and since then never looked back. Her passion grew for the art and technique behind nails and later felt the urge to help ladies who have the potential to build their empire by perfecting their skills and building their businesses.

In 2015 Gertina became the mentor and distributor for Young Nails in Cape Town.

 Gertina has this big vision of expanding her business into more branches, creating jobs and helping the woman to build their careers and become independent. Therefore she registered her company in 2017 and together with the help of Bruce at EMS, this will be achieved. Keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for the Young Nails name becoming more and more familiar on everyone’s lips.

 Gertina is married to Riaan Watermeyer. She is a former Cape Junior Ballet and Cape Town City Ballet ballerina with a passion for reading and just spending quality time with her family. “

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August Spotlight: Welmien Foster

Welmien is one of our smartest clients with one of the biggest hearts we know. She has a degree in microbiology and is fascinated by anything that can only be seen under a microscope especially if it is infectious and dangerous to human health.

Welmien is currently working on a number of new innovative ideas to not only monitor waterborne microbes but be able to identify them and their source before they infect animals and humans. She works as a water analyst doing surveys at hotels, hospitals and other public entities, but her passion is finding that innovative way to be ahead of the curve of infectious diseases and stop them dead in their tracks.

We are always excited to have her in our offices as this is always followed by great conversation, laughter and yet another brilliant idea to add to the product development cycle we are working on. We look forward to the near future when water becomes a safer resource for both urban and rural consumers throughout Africa because of what Welmien has developed.

If you are interested in knowing more about water and those pesky micro bugs, Welmien is available for short talks and water assessments. You can contact her through our offices.

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Help I have a new Idea?

New ideas come and go as fast as taxi buses on the N2, but knowing which are good and which to let go is the difficult process that most people struggle with.  But help is at hand: The Innovation Wind Tunnel is now officially open for business.

The Wind Tunnel is a place where new ideas are tested against a number of different platforms to ensure they are robust and geared to withstand the stresses of the current marketplace. The first filter is a simple pitch to the panel: this is done at initial idea stage where you can pitch your concept, no matter how early in the idea phase, to get some solid expertise feedback. This feedback is designed to enable you to iterate the concept as many times as possible in the early stages of development to ensure your idea becomes as solid as possible before you begin to test it in the marketplace and cost you money.

On completion of the pitch, we offer two sets of reports that do solid research on the presenting problem you are addressing and another report to validate the product offering you are proposing. These two reports will form the base of your application for funding from TIA or similar institutions for seed funding that will address the POC or Proof of Concept development and any IP or Intellectual Property submissions.

For a more comprehensive look at these stages: check out our website on

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August spotlight: Michelle Davidson

Michelle Davidson is one of the founding partners of Entrepreneur and Management Solutions. She started her career in the non-profit financial sector after completing her B.Com in Information systems at UCT.

Michelle has over a decade of experience with non-profits having assisted with many budgeting, planning and strategic sessions. She has a passion not only for the numbers but the people in these organisations. Her happy place is working with people, spreadsheets and strategic processes to improve current performance and profits.

Michelle has a huge vision of developing a business that is able to provide wall to wall services for the non-profit and small business. This vision is slowly coming into focus with the merge of her own business MD Business Solutions with the Entrepreneur Incubator in 2016 to create Entrepreneur and Management Solutions. Watch this space as Michelle plots out and executes her vision over the next few years to develop a strong business structure that will continue to serve businesses and business people well into the future.

Michelle is married to Richard and has a son in Grade 2 at Wynberg Boys. She has a passion for drawing, art and music and spending quality time with family and friends.

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