Are you ready for POPI?

POPI or the Protection of Personal Information Act is coming. We are not sure when or how, but coming it is and businesses of all sizes need to be ready and compliant or face the consequences.

Now I am sure that you will join in with the millions of others and just brush it off as yet another Act from the government that will not be implemented and if it is, it will never be enforced. And Yes, I agree with a lot of that, but the POPI act does give us some good guidelines as to how we should be running our businesses and how we need to and should be handling the sensitive data of our staff and clients.

So I would suggest that you either enroll in one of those expensive courses that are currently being run by all sorts of people across the country of doing some research for yourself and find out exactly what you and your firm are in for before you spend any money.

We are on this quest and doing a bunch of reading, listening, and research to find out exactly what small businesses need to do and be to become compliant. This we will share here and on various webinars over the next few months. So you can relax a bit and read these articles or do your own research.

What we have learned so far is this: There is nothing that needs to be done now: so relax. If you are just a normal business with client lists, a mailing list, and some backups: there is very little to do other than firm up your business processes and maybe write a document or two. If you are in the mass market with many different types of lists, marketing platforms or if you manage people’s sensitive information such as financial or health data: then you need to do a whole bunch more.

This serves just as an initial warning to put POPI on your radar for the next 6 months as an investigation then later for some form of implementation.  If you want to add to this or learn more then, please contact us on this website and we would love to engage with you and chat further. POPI goes well with Coffee.

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Innovation is both expensive and frustrating

We get a lot of people knocking on our doors asking for help to take their ideas to market and make then a truck load of money. Mostly by this time they have already spent a fortune on their new idea and come with cap in hand begging for some advice to get them to the next stage.

Here is some advice we offer them:

Come sooner rather than later: we know where it is that you need to spend money and where you can save a whole bunch. It is what we do.

Know the problem you are trying to solve: you will need to have done a full research assessment into the problem you are trying to solve and into the product you are trying to develop. It is a waste of time just reinventing the wheel that someone else has done before. If we find a similar business or product we cannot help you with the development of yours unless it is unique or very different.

Keep your ideas secret: Once you have made your ideas public, it becomes very difficult to register any form of IP. Anyone you work with or share your ideas with needs to sign and adhere to a Non-Disclosure Agreement. We have an Engagement agreement we sign with all our clients, this covers the NDA, work for hire and IP transfer and our fees. Be very careful who you talk to.

Develop your networks: It is very difficult, if not impossible to develop an idea and get it to market on your own: you will need a good team that adds value to your business and product development cycle.

Be aware of scams: the web is full of getting rich with your invention scams. Never trust anyone who demands fees up front or offers riches in exchange for your idea. In reality, it is a long and often expensive road to your first payment. We will navigate this with you and tell you truthfully if it is not worth perusing or ready to market.

With all this in mind, we recommend that you engage with us as soon as you have that idea, we can advise you on the best way forward and who to talk to from 3D printers, mouldings, IP issues, Business development and saving money.

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Entrepreneurship may not be sexy, but girls dig it

We have been dealing with new-starts, slow-starts, and non-starts in business for a number of years now and one thing we have seen amongst all our clients is that women love business more than men.

Now I am not sure why and have no scientific proof of my assumptions, but let me share what I have observed: Men mostly start a business out of necessity for money. This puts them in a stress mode from day zero. It often becomes the main thing and the main thing is the main focus. When coaching men we talk more about money, profits and cash flow than any other topic. Men do not enjoy marketing, logo design and the soft things of business. This often leads to lower sales and more stress over cash flow.

Women are generally looking to expand their horizons, add value to the world or just play when it comes to business. This makes it more fun focused from the start. Sessions with women are more focused on planning, campaign building and looking at ways to be more client-centric and add social impact measurements.

Men think like well men: one thing at a time. We focus, do, complete then move on to the next item on the list. Women are able to think multidimensionally with a number of ideas, thoughts, and outcomes simultaneously. This makes women better at problem-solving and creative thinking resulting in a better-balanced outcome.

Women are just better at being Entrepreneurs, but we still seem to have this gender identity issue of the men having to be the innovators in the world and the ones who come up with the solutions to problems to save the day. This is not true and should not be the case. I look forward to the day when we can celebrate not just women’s month but all things women and welcome a mixed approach to innovation and problem-solving in all sectors that involve women and men equally. Dig it?

Note: I have made some gender assumptions in this article, so if you feel hard done by from what I have written, then you are the exceptions to my general observations after over 13 years of business coaching, so my apologies and congratulations for being unique.

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Additions to our Team

On behalf of Entrepreneur and Management Solutions, we would like to welcome our latest staff members Elisha Kasambakuwa and Amanda Dube.

Elisha, 33  is married, with one beautiful daughter. He has 13 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience and enjoys soccer, rugby and motor racing. He has joined us from Sport and Traffic Technologies, where he was doing monthly Management Accounting.

Amanda Dube is 25 years of age. She will be joining the Marketing and Administration Department as an Intern. In her free time, Amanda enjoys hiking and moonlight strolls on the beach. Her friends would describe her as easy going and passionate about growing businesses. She will be joining us from the New Start Living Health Shop, where she was the Shop Manager.

This opens a new chapter in our business as we expand our offering and service levels to our clients. We are all very excited about the future and welcome any business, no matter what the level of development to stop by and see how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

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What is your Story?


We all seem to have a story to tell. It may not be the next best seller or award winning movie, but each day when our feet hit the floor we start another chapter of our life story. What does yours say?

Tragedy? Comedy of errors? Adventure Quest? Raiders of the Lost Ark? If you had time to share your story, the story of your business, how would it begin? Who would be the main characters? Who would die? Would there be a car chase with a climatic end as you close the big deal and emerge as the hero?

Business Narrative strategies is something we have been working on for a few months now and we now offer businesses the service of developing your own story board that translates into a full business plan, internal processes and a marketing strategy. And it is fun.

Knowing who your Hero is, what the Princess is and identify the Villains is our start: we then add the supporting characters and develop your story plot and structure. All stories have imagination; in business, we call these assumptions. We assess these assumptions with a risk mitigation process and develop a management tool to keep them in check. Then as the story unfolds and is told in different ways, the marketing campaigns come to light and identify new heroes and different plots. These we translate into blogs, videos, posts and memes to tell the story to customers and future prospects.

If you are struggling to get your business focused, realigned for the new economy or maybe just starting out: then join us each month on our Business Narrative Strategy workshop where we will help unpack your story and develop sustainable strategies for your business.

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