Imagine that you run an illegal business and drive an unroadworthy car and employ illegal staff. Now imagine how much energy you need to consume each day to make sure you are not caught or found out. In fact this is the normal status quo of most small business owners in South Africa. How do you feel when a police car drives up behind you, or you get a call from the SARS or Labour offices. What is your initial emotion? Fear, hesitancy or panic?

How much of your business dealings are not up to scratch when it comes to regulation compliance and legislation. I am not talking about dealing in drugs or underage girls imported from some country, but in every day stuff like tax, labour, finance, banking, fair trade, paying accounts, dealing with customers, honest marketing. To Cooperate with the governing bodies and get your business complaint has to be one of the most relaxed positions we can achieve. I just love the time of month when I pay all the accounts and look at the empty in tray, it gives me a sense of achievement and confidence. And when the phone rings, I can answer it with confidence that whoever is looking for me it is not about some bad debt or pending audit. Build your business and future with an attitude of cooperation and it will be a smoother ride.