Fear of failure, fear of friends and fear of success are common in our excuses to perform. We duck and dive and delay the inevitable day when we have to step out into the spotlight and announce to the world that we are either a success or just an average person who will never amount to anything.

The opposite of fear is confidence. This comes from a number of habits that we instill in our business leaders. Some of these are easy to define and practice. Issues such as the removal of clutter from our daily lives. Finding focus on our purpose. Understanding who, what and why we are. And to top it all practice. Creating a number of daily habits that include practicing for what lies ahead will overcome the fear and replace it with confidence. Even if you are unsure what to say or do, to do it with confidence will swing the odds of success in your favour. Learn to stand tall and build your self image around a positive attitude and confident mindset.

In my books confidence starts in the brain and moves to the heart and from there to the very tips of your being. Make no mistake that this is easily toppled, so a daily adjustment is required to get and keep it in shape and ready to face the world. Confidence results in attempt, and attempt results in success. Remember that you will miss every shot you do not take.