In our current series dedicated to sprinting to the close of 2018 and finishing strong, last week we unpacked the 4 Ds of Products. Here are they again for you:

Define your Products: Each of your product offerings should be well defined detailing amongst others the Features and the Benefits of that product. Knowing how to describe your product goes a long way to creating an effective sales funnel for the business.

Develop your Products: Your products should always be in development, but not ever changing. Getting feedback from your clients and customers and gathering information will give input into an agile approach to product development and improvements.

Data about your Products: Gathering data about each one of your products is key to understanding how they interact in the market. You need to know how well each product sells, to whom and when. Any type of data is important, collect, store and do analysis as often as you can.

Diversify your product: It is always important to look at other ways your product can bring you income. Too often products are created for a specific purpose and never looked at again for an alternative use of income generation.

Pause a little and relook at your products through each of the 4 lenses above and see what you can do to improve your business before the end of 2018.

This week we look at staffing issues through the R-Lense. Join us on Wednesday at 12:00 noon.