Last week was the first in a series of 10 webinars that we are presenting on Wednesday’s at 12 Noon. Each one aims at tackling a specific area of your business that may need some attention before the end of the year.
Our first webinar addressed issues of compliance, regulation and legislation. We thought we would start off with a hard one, and based on the feedback we go, it hit a few nerves and open wounds. But this is what running a business is all about, sometimes it is fun, but other times we need to do what needs to be done. Once done, we can go back to having more fun.
If you missed it, you can watch it below, but do not miss this week Wednesday Weekly Webinar at 12 Noon as we address issues related to your products and services that may need some attention to finish the year off with a bang (in a good way)
The link to the webinar each week will be: