Start-up schoolEach day we get to meet different people with brilliant ideas and concepts that could one day become huge businesses. Unfortunately a lot of these just stay as ideas and eventually fad away never to be realised. We have heard the cry of the people and understand the need and so Start Up School has been created.

Start Up School launches in September this year.  The programme consists of 10 modules that we will run weekly on Tuesday evenings from 16:00 – 19:30, at our Woodstock training centre. Each comprehensive module builds on the previous, giving each participant a comprehensive manual for their business future.

We have a limited amount of space on this first programme and registration is now open at a reduced price. Each participant will recieve a business folder, notes, worksheets and a value add bundle at the end of the programme with access to many more specialised services to add value to both self and  business.

If you, or anyone you know would like to take advantage of this offer, then please let us know by way of email to and we will begin the registration process.