Marriet is a FlYght Coach, and is also a self-published author of the book and board game named “Ready, Steady, Fly!”. Marriet is a public speaker on the topic “Start to Finish” and the author of the “Plan to Action” and “FlYght Coach” Programmes.

Initially, Marriet struggled to find her own special place in life, with this she created intelligent tailored solutions and hopes to touch and encourage others to discover their own potential and to act on it. Her goal in life is to help people find their unique place and to implement their purpose in life. She believes everyone is unique and is capable of playing a role in society and the teams we operate in by bringing about their unique contribution in life.

Marriet is a multi-talented person who enjoys piecing life’s lessons together in a fun-filled manner. She shares her life experiences and feels it could change the way we think. She loves to encourage people based on her lessons learnt through her experiences of being torn apart.

In addition, Marriet is also an artist who enjoys arts, crafts, writing blogs and making music. She has published her own songs and paint on consignment. She also has a great passion for learning new things everyday.