EM Solutions Leadership

So much has been written, said and quoted on Leadership in recent times. We have leadership coaches, seminars, conferences, societies and too many books to mention. But we want to unpack some of the myths and principles of leadership this month.

Join us as we journey through a bit about Principle based leadership, where decisions are made based on a set of values and principles that govern the organisation. Then we will look at what it takes to be a Visionary Leader in the workplace and how that is different or the same as a Business Leader for every day to day operation.
And finally, we will unpack the differences between a Manager and a Leader. We see these as different concepts altogether and should never be confused when it comes to defining and assigning roles within a business.
We also want to hear from you. What do you think Leadership is all about? Send us your stories, quotes and suggested books. Let’s share these with others.