FontsDid you ever think that choosing a font for your brand could be of such huge importance?

Well, just like colour, the type of font you use on your brand says a lot about it.

Font selection plays an important role in sending the right message in a brand or logo design. It is for this very reason important to invest a lot in selecting an appropriate font when designing a logo.

Your logo, right from the font, the colour and shape, should provide an immediate sense of what your company is all about.

When selecting a font, ensure that all parties working with that brand adhere to predefined standards and styling conventions of your brand. If the logo design has a mismatching font, then it is a disaster.

Different fonts work best for different businesses, because every company is unique. For example, a logo for a legal firm, which should convey honorability, strength and justice, might best be represented in a bold, straightforward font free of flourish, whereas a candy shop might opt for a spontaneous font that communicates youth, sweetness and fun. Similarly, an art store can’t have a quiet and boring font.

Each brand stands for something unique. It has its own personality. A font has the ability to deliver the brand identity beyond the literal sense.

Here is three things to look at when selecting a font:

Legibility – Any text information presented should be easy to read. A font that is too difficult to grasp can make your logo less legible. The right font can deliver the message with clarity.

Originality – Originality in your logo is very important. Choosing an overused font style will make your logo look repetitive and therefore it will lack the uniqueness in it.

Flexibility – Your font should look good on all the channels it is used. It should look good both on paper and a computer screen. It should be recognisable in any type of print medium.

Fonts really do matter; they can influence the persuasion and perception of a customer or client.