syrian-refugees-infographic-mercy-corpsOne only has to turn on any news channel or read the front page of a newspaper to be reminded of the ever growing refugee crisis in Europe. This is an issue that we have not seen on this scale since the second world war with thousands of people fleeing to what they hope to be a better life.

 What has this to do with Entrepreneurship? As I pause and reflect on the European issues, I must also think about similar ongoing issues in Africa and Asia that too often don’t get the headlines. But the human tragedy remains the same: People pushed outside their current lives, comfort zones and security into a strange place, strange people, no safety, no fall back and no support. Through all this they have to fend for themselves, their families and their futures. Now it sounds like your every day Entrepreneur.

I am not, in no way, making light of the real human tragedy in the world, but too often we as Entrepreneurs are being forced into a similar type of place. Survival and day to day living for a lot of small businesses is a very real process.

What we may need to set up in Africa are Entrepreneur camps, to cater for those who find themselves out in a strange land with no guidance or hope or future and fend for them with care, guidance and education, giving them a new direction for the future, hope for tomorrow and encouragement for today.

These places actually exist, but are too often empty and not used. Places like Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy, Shanduka Black Umbrellas, Business Place and others have proven processes and programmes ready for those entrepreneur refugees, waiting with open doors for those in need of help to come in, seek shelter and gain a new hope for a new future.

No quota system or government allocation is needed here, just a willingness of those wanting help.