The Laws of Extreme Business SuccessLaw One: The Law of extreme Ego

Carl Bates writes in his book The Laws of Extreme Business Success about the 12 laws of business success. The first of these takes a look at what we see the most of, the Ego trap of the Entrepreneur. This has to be the number one reason why a lot of businesses never get going or are stunted in their growth. The law states:

Extreme business success requires us to recognise that a business is more about than the personalities within it. It is about the purpose it promises. In business, we draw an important distinction between a craft and an enterprise. The existence of a craft depends on the active involvement of the owner because they represent the expertise required to keep the business going. An enterprise is a business with a promise and a structure that makes it sustainable beyond the person who funded or operated it. When you hold on to being a craftsman and making it all about yourself, you lose the game. To achieve success, you must move your passion from practising your craft to creating an enterprise and understanding that the enterprise is separate from you. This law therefore teaches you to keep your ego in check and in balance.

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