The Laws of Extreme Business SuccessIn his book The Laws of Extreme Business Success, Carl Bates writes about the 12 laws that any small ‘craft’ business needs to abide by in order to develop into a sustainable income generating business enterprise. This type of business no longer needs to rely on the owner as the primary source of income or wisdom to be sustainable. So what are these laws and how can they be implemented into your business? We will unpack these over the next few weeks and give you our insight into each law.

To get you started, here are the laws Carl refers to:

  • Law one: The law of extreme ego
  • Law two: The law of the shareholder wealth creation
  • Law three: The law of continuous learning
  • Law four: The law of family
  • Law five: The law of business as a game
  • Law six: The law of rhythm
  • Law seven: The law of effective teams
  • Law eight: The law of the three hats.
  • Law nine: The law of vision
  • Law ten: The law of leadership
  • Law eleven: The law of transactional giving
  • Law twelve: The law of resolution

This book and others from Carl Bates are available here