Frustration amongst the general population is fast becoming a way of life and almost expected reaction to most phone calls queues or dealings with large organizations. For the small business owner is begun to be the largest blockage of doing business and scenes of head butting desks and phone slamming is just a normal part of the day. But frustration can be turned around and used as a source of a business idea and a way to profit. The opposite of Frustration is something most people will pay dearly for: Convenience. The convenience of not having to put up with delays, traffic, queues, filling in forms, waiting in endless waiting rooms and then there is the whole food and cooking thing. As an entrepreneur we need to embrace other people frustration and pause long enough to ask how this could be turned into convenience and converted into a business for profit. The people I know will often pay dearly to have their problems removed out from their lives. No I am not speaking about some cloak and dagger hit man, just simple services and products that add value to everyday life that will make my journey through life a little less frustration and a little more pleasant. So next time you see someone having a bad day, pause a little and start a new business, it just could be the beginning of your retirement plan.