In this series I have take a number of ‘F’ words and unpacked some lessons we can all learn from how to do business more effectively and efficiently.

The next set of ‘F’ words are Future Focus. Any business needs to have their sights firmly set on the future in relation to where they are going and how they will get there. Beginning with the end in mind gets one to the end faster. We facilitate a process with our clients whereby they have a constant eye on their futures through good goal setting, planning and mile stone measurement.

It is critical to keep the course of your business set on a single fixed point. I heard a story that a jet liner travelling across the Atlantic is off course 98% of the time. It is only through the hundreds of minor adjustments it make that it is able to get to its destination across the ocean. The same applies to ourselves and our businesses. We need to know the destination, then make daily adjustments to ensure that we remain true to our vision and arrive at our destination.