Back in the early days of running my own businesses, I just believed that if you came across an obstacle, all you needed to do was to work harder and a bit faster to overcome it, then move on to the next one. Well that worked for some of them but soon it became apparent that not all obstacles could be handled in the same way and not all obstacles could be overcome, some needed to be avoided.

So I set out to list all the various ways small emerging businesses fail and then began working on ways to avoid these. This formed the foundation to two tools that we use in the Entrepreneur Incubator now to assess and forewarn our clients to what could be lurking just around the corner. To learn more about these tools join us on one of our webinars or download the eBook with full details.

Our first tool, the Business Idea Filter, is a well used tool that is designed to assess in a non-emotional way any new business idea. A really easy to use and revealing tool. We have used this to decide not only on new business ideas but also on asset purchases such a vehicles, machinery as well as business partners and once even to assess a potential girlfriend for one of our clients.

The second tool is the Business Feasibility Assessment. This tool is based on the Porters 5 Forces Model, and allows any business owner to assess their current business, no matter what stage they are at, to see how feasible it is at that moment. This tool has proven to be a life and money saver as potential hot spots have been revealed that we have been able to either avoid or plan for well in advance.

These two tools will be discussed online during our regular webinars. During this one hour session we will go through the tool, discuss how it works, then send you the full eBook with the full tool for you to use over and over again in your business. Check out our scheduled Weninars here or just download them from our Toolbox here to read through at your own time.

Being a proactive business owner goes a long way to managing a profitable, more productive business.