In our series on Social Media for Entrepreneurs, we have already covered LinkedIn and Blogging and now we focus our attention on FaceBook.

For many, over a billion, FaceBook is a useful tool to keep the FOMO at bay and stay in touch with friends, family and foes. FaceBook is a useful tool to communicate with others without having to actually speak to them in person. One can merely change your relationship status or add a life event to your wall to inform others and of any changes and then post cool pics of your breakfast on a wine farm or the view of your office as you sit on a mountain top of a beach and then monitor the amount of clicks, likes, emogies and comments you get.

Many people use FaceBook to great effect, others base their self-worth on the amount of friend engagement and may suffer from ‘Post-traumatic stress disorder’ if their posts are not recognised by enough people as desired. This type of superficial lifestyle has become all too common amongst people who value their own status in life based on what they think others may think of them.

All very well for people BUT how does this relate to businesses and the use of FaceBook for use as a business tool to engage current and future clients? That is what this week is all about.

We will be chatting all things FaceBook on Wednesday at 12:00 CAT Book HERE for the webinar. We will also repost the video here on Thursday if you missed it and chat further about any issues online on FaceBook or via email.

Please engage, book the webinar and interact with this very topical platform as we peel back some of the layers to reveal what I think is one of the most productive tools any small business can manage to leverage an online presence.