February is the marketing month, a month where people go all out to activate and launch their marketing strategies for the year.

Here at EI, we have packaged all the information about marketing for you this whole month. This is to just help you market your business the right way in order  for you to reach your target audience and grow your business. Remember, growing your business is our business.

In this video we focus on the four key factors you need to address when you do your marketing strategy:

Get to know your product

You need to understand the problems that your product is addressing.

Get to know your customers

Understand the problems that your customers have. Is your product trying to solve them? Understand what they need and want. Make sure it’s the problems that they want to get rid of, and not the problems that they are happy with.

How willing are your potential customers?

Are people willing to spend their money on your product? Are they happy with their problems or are they willing to spend money to spend money on your product to solve their products?

– Learn how to connect with customers 

You identified the problem, and have a solution, so how do you then connect that to customers?


Watch the video below for more on this briefly explained key factors about marketing.