Good Service makes the difference Chalk IllustrationLast week we went through part one of the customer service skills that every employee or business owner  must master. This is a five part series that we are going to be sharing with you over the next few Fridays. Here are this week’s  5 excellent customer service skills that will make your customers stay loyal to you:

1. Become an expert.

Learn everything about each product or service you provide. Spend time studying the product as well as the various solutions you are offering for various circumstances.

2. Have a good body language.

Maintaining a good body language is important even when when you are talking with your clients over the phone. Smiling frequently and expressing happiness and laughter in your conversations helps to improve the customers’ experience.

3. Be confident.

If you sound confident in your conversations over the phone, then convincing your customers for any kind of deal or solution will become easier.

4. Handle surprises very well.

Being adaptable within a customer service environment is essential in order to fully prepare for any kind of surprises you may encounter while on the job.

5. Is the customer happy with the offered solution?

Double check with your customer to ensure that they are completely satisfied. This will improve your reputation with the client.