This week we have seen the beginning of the Rugby World Cup, and for all South Africans, it has been a bit of a disastrous start for the Springboks.

But let’s look at the SA – Japan game through a different lens: One team walked onto the field with enough experience and confidence to beat any team in the world, but the coach was ill-prepared, had not done their homework and did not have a good strategy.

The other team walked onto the field with the worst World Cup record, but the Coach who sat in the management box, had not only experience but a plan of action, execution and the confidence what he had mapped out would work.

And it did. The Japanese team took the Springboks to task. They out played, out tackled and out ran us. The Coaches plan was revealed in their clever plays and counter strategy for everything that the springboks had planned.

Even at half time, a time where a good coach has a chance to re-strategize based on the first half, the Springboks returned to the field with the same losing game plan and predictable moves.

The same applies to businesses. Each business, no matter how confident or experienced, needs a good solid, updated strategy. This strategy needs to be created together with an experienced coach or mentor. This coach needs to have the education, experience and ideas to counter the ever evolving markets and business conditions.

Just trying to do the same old, over and over in business, does not, and never will get different results. We are called to drive forward, counter any opposition and implement our creative strategies each and every day.

If you find yourself like a losing team, maybe it is time to find a better coach.