How to make your blog successful.

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers are popular and have all the traffic while others are lucky to have 10 visitors per day? What really makes a successful blog?

Shane Dallas, a renowned travel blogger shares with us in the attached video on how to make a successful blog.

Content is king. There is a certain content that resonates with the readers more than any other. This happens when you tell a story. Stories are effective because they are memorable. Storytelling is one of the earliest forms of communication we have.

There are many blogs out there. The question is how do you make yours shine above all of them? Readers like something unique. Fresh content is the key to the success of your blog. So, whatever style you adapt, make sure your content is great and unique. Your blogging should detail what you have learned and how you’ve learned it. You need to take the readers through a journey similar to the one you have undertaken.

An effective blog should evoke emotions, and to instill emotions into a blog you have to follow these four steps:
• Pictures – Beautiful images are always beneficial. Always remember the power of pictures.
• It is better to detail a few incidents than to cover many briefly.
• Use all the senses. Write what you feel, hear, taste or touch.
• Add a human connection to your blogs.

You should tell a story that strives to stir and strengthens a person’s pride and emotions. If your blog contains a story that evokes a person’s emotions and pride, then instead of you flogging your blog to the world, then the world will flog your blog for you.