The journey that each emerging business must take is paved with obstacles, sharp turns and deadly traps. Navigating this road as an Entrepreneur is not and never will be an easy task. For the first timer or even experienced business owner, it can be a nightmare of sink sand and red tape often resulting in the demise of both your business and financial security.

But not all is lost. The Entrepreneur Incubator has developed a treatment plan for this terminal condition: the Business Rescue Programme is now available for those who want some business medical intervention. This intensive care programme will help you understand what is going wrong, determine a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

The two days are spend in a workshop environment with others in a similar situation, guided by an experienced Business Coach, as you assess your business using a variety of methodologies and tools. The second day is dedicated to a future focused strategy that will assist in finding a way forward towards full business health and future wealth.

This programme is currently offered in Cape Town each month and will be rolled out to other centres around South Africa as requested. A virtual course will be made available later this year that can be done online.

For more information or to book your place on the next Business Rescue Programme, go to Your business health awaits you.