We are entering the awards season for television, music and the movies again. The press is all abuzz with predictions and hopefuls doing their campaigning and speech writing. But there has been another prize more sought after than any Oscar or Golden Globe.

The US Power Ball was drawn yesterday with the winning numbers 4-8-19-27-34: 10. This has escalated one person who bought a ticket at the 7-Eleven in Chino Hills, California to a new wealth of $1.4 billion.
That translated into local currency looks like this: R23 229 920 000.00. So what would you do with this sort of deposit into your bank account?lottery-balls-cash

OK, let’s stop dreaming, it wasn’t you who won, so get over it. But what was interesting is how so many people all around the world were going frantic to win their fortune. Ticket sales were reported as $1.3 million per minute leading up to the draw last night. I am sure that everyone who had a ticket was already dreaming about their future spending, plans to travel and donate to charity. But the emotional downer of not winning and having to now cope with the jealousy against the winner and all hopes of a financial secure future dashed.

What lessons can or should we learn from all of this? I have a few to share:
Do not put all your hope in winning a future. I know too many people who have put their life on hold until they win the lotto.
Do not spend essential money on gambling. Allocate a certain amount if you must and then spend that and only that.
See the lotto and gambling as a form of entertainment, not as a form of income.
Make plans for your life that do not include winning a future. Plan a career, start a company, invest in something more substantial with better odds that 1 in 292 million.
Work is a blessing. Go out each day and work hard for your living. Put passion, effort and energy into each day and do not wait on the side lines hoping for a free handout. It may never come.
So, let’s go out today and get over your no-winning blues, get dressed and put in a good days work. And congratulations to that person in California, I trust that you will spend the money wisely, with caution and intent. And if you have any left, please read this blog for my details.