Business Sprint 2018 – Branding

This week we unpacked some of the issues around our company branding from Purpose to Slogan and everything in between. Too often these things are just ignored or passed over for other more important items on our busy agendas as business owners.

Take a few minutes to watch this video and make some notes on what may need some attention for your brand before the end of 2018.


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Business Sprint 2018 – Staff

As a part of our final sprint for 2018, we are looking at 10 key areas of your business that could give you that added advantage in the final push before Christmas.

Last week we looked at staffing issues and we reviewed 7 R’s related to how we deal with staff. Here is a short summary:

1. Respect – always show respect to your staff by greeting them, listening to them and saying thank you at the end of each day.

2. Refine – Constant training and education is key to refining staff to fit into your changing business and to become effective for your vision.

3. Rejoice – learn to celebrate both success and failure and always learn from both.

4. Reward – Paying your staff and rewarding them with gratitude is key to retention and the longevity of your business.

5. Repair – always fix what is broke. Learning to understand your staff’s home, emotional and physical situations are key to helping to offer support and solutions to fix what may be wrong.

6. Renew – Change is constant, but often we stagnate in our own companies. Mix things up a bit and renew things in the office. You will see the results.

7. Rest – Take time off. Give staff leave and time off for their resting and rejuvenating. The investment in rest will be well rewarded.

This week we big our focus on Marketing and Branding as we unpack some interesting facts on what you can do this week to improve your market penetration and retention.

Join us on Wednesday at 12:00 Noon:

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