‘Cash is king’, says everyone to a small business owner. It’s not a platitude, it is true. It doesn’t matter what your sales are if your customers haven’t paid you.

As a business owner, you have it down to a fine art the ability to pay your creditors at the last minute, while chasing your debtors furiously. You’ve mastered the art of putting people off just a few more days so you can pray earnestly that enough money comes in, just in time. You are the King/Queen of last minute and stretching the last cent.

Imagine, it’s one of THOSE months, and you get a call from your accountant reminding you that your provisional tax is due in 2 weeks’ time. After you’ve sat down, had a zanex or a cup of coffee, you scroll through your contacts list to see who you can call, what plan you can make, how you can scrape to get the cash ready in time. As you know, SARS are the worst creditors, they really make you pay if you are late!

Is this your reality? It shouldn’t be. You know exactly what you need to have in the bank to make it through the month, but do you know what the annual (once a year) costs are, and when to expect them? Things like subscriptions, licence fees, membership fees, provisional and income tax, annual financial statements, etc. The annual costs should be included in your diary at least a month in advance to avoid any surprises.

It is also important to plan for these large amounts. Seldom do you have the spare cash lying around just when you need it? It is important to set aside a contribution towards the cost each month. If you provide for it now, regularly and without fail, the money will be there when you need it. And put the provision in a separate bank account so you’re not tempted to use it!

Give us a call if you need some assistance establishing what costs you need to keep track of and how much you should set aside for them.