To get from HERE to THERE requires a strategy. Not just a plan with a dash of hope: but a full strategy. But what is this thing called a strategy? What does it contain? What does it mean? And how can I get one?

The webinar video this week unpacks the various elements of a good strategy. Watch the video below (27 min) to get a full understanding of the different elements. Here is a short summary:

Vision: A written image of what the future will be if all goes according to plan.

Focus areas: select up to 5 areas that require focus and change to realise the vision.

Goals: write out 5 goals per focus area that need to be achieved in order to obtain the vision

Actions: What actions are required and by whom and by when in order to achieve the each goal.

Watch the video for the full story and an explanation of the WIGS required to get all this done.