Entrepreneurs are often great at the technical things and getting the detail done well. But when it comes to developing that all important online social media brand footprints for both themselves and the developed products…. well let’s just say it needs some work.

We understand Entrepreneur and the issues we face. We also understand Social Media and marketing and how important it is to build a business. So over the next 5 weeks, we will unpack some of the mysteries of the social media platforms and share some secrets that will help automate, improve and deliver awesome content that matters and help you get the right things done right.

The weeks will be split into lessons pertaining to the different platforms. So save the following dates and follow the links to book your spots on the social media webinars and workshops and get yourself added to the mailing list to get the regular blogs on this subject.

30 Aug – Social media introduction – BOOK HERE

6 Sept – LinkedIn – BOOK HERE

13 Sept – Blogging – BOOK HERE

20 Sept – FaceBook – BOOK HERE

27 Sept – YouTube – BOOK HERE

By the end of September, you could have all this social media stuff for you and your business sorted, mostly automated and geared up to start building your business.