Do you or your existing business need to get to that next level?

Getting there alone is not easy. Walking this road with an experienced Business Coach will save you time, effort and money. Take you and your business to new heights this year with one-on-one business coaching or use one our off the shelf business tools.

Business Tools

We have a number of tools and programmes that you can book for or purchase online to develop and grow your business. These include:

Each of these targets specific issues that you may need to address

Business Coaching

Working one-on-one with a business coach, yourself and your business will undergo a series of assessments to determine goals, gaps, and opportunities. These are then plotted against our Business Development Canvas giving you a clear roadmap to follow.

Coaching sessions are held monthly or every 2 weeks, sessions comprise of general discussion, teaching, coaching and feedback.

Business coaching covers the following aspects:

  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Personal Development
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Identification & Mitigation
  • Goal Setting and Accountability

If you want to accelerate your organisation through Business Coaching, then please complete the form on this page or go HERE for more detailed information.

Additional in-house services include;

If you still doubt the power of business coaching, read what others have to say:

I feel that what Bruce is doing has tremendous in the market place and is exactly what SA economy needs. Now if only the govt and the banks would back endeavours like these up with finances.
Peter Holmes, My Work Law
Thanks for a great service over the years…it has been life changing!
Robin Buck, Fitness Boot Camp







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