Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

We celebrate women entrepreneurs this month with a number of programmes, a workshop, and items of interest.

Next week we offer a special Business Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs workshop on:

  • Tuesday 9th August (Women’s Day)
  • 10:30-12:30
  • Woodstock, Cape Town (directions here)
  • Cost: R195

Are you already on the pathway to a successful business, are you just starting out on the journey, or are you assessing the various roads your life may take? We will walk you through the basics of a successful business model and share some of our secrets and short-cuts to getting things moving in the world of entrepreneurship.

Join us for fun, food and friendship at this fully loaded workshop and take the next step in your life’s journey.

Please contact Carlyn on 021 839 2281 or admin@em-solutions.co.za to reserve your seat.

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Who Am I?

The age old question of who we are, where we came from and where we are going has been on the thoughts of many since the beginning of time. We aim to explore this a little during the month of “People”.

Who am I? in this video we ask the questions about the questions. These have, as academics do, confused and clouded the issue somewhat but I am keen to look at ourselves through the eyes of the entrepreneur and business owner.

What makes an entrepreneur? Is there a formula or profile that we need to discover and follow in order to be the best fit to start and run a business? I fear that all our discovering may leave us as confused as when we first begin, but I am confident that the journey will be worth the effort and we will discover a lot about ourselves and the way to lead and manage a business.

The journey will look at the composition of mankind. Our history and makeup will define our functions and purpose. We will then proceed to uncover the aspects of participation in life that reap rewards and define progress and success. But always looking at ways to manage the levels of health and stress as we go along.

Join us this month and we begin to peel back the layers and find the true self that may lie hidden beneath the cloak of societal illusions.

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How Innovative are you?

Innovation comes in two forms. Either you are looking for new ideas that address and solve problems that don’t yet exist in the public realm or you are looking at way to redo things that already exist.

New innovation requires a lot more work, money and effort to get a new concept to market. The length of return on investment and issues of going through prototype designs, market research and market penetration requires a huge effort. This is required to move the world forward into new technologies and concepts that create progress for society and mankind.

The second type of innovation occurs when we look at the status quo and decide that it is not good enough and needs improvement. This could be related to an existing business or services or even a product. Looking for new ways to do old things in a new exciting way that offers better convenience at a cheaper rate is always welcome to the market.

Watch this week’s episode of Bruce on Business and begin your journey of innovation into the future of sustainable business.

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Is it time to say Sorry?

When was the last time you said sorry? As a leader of anything the word sorry os one that needs to be used both strategically and sympathetically at all times.

We see two types of leaders who misuse the word Sorry. The first are those who seem to start each sentence or communication with a Sorry. “Sorry to interrupt bu….”. “Sorry I am late…”. “Sorry I have an opinion…”.

Too many low self-esteem leaders have this learnt behaviour of using Sorry as a filler word just to begin speaking and add their opinion to the conversation. This is not the way to lead people. It creates a low image of the person in the eyes of others in the room and in return a sense of doubt.

The other side of the spectrum are those leaders who never say sorry. Those who in their own eyes are never wrong and have the need to apologise. These individuals are people who seem to live above the law both legally and do not do anything wrong.

In this short video we expand on both these types of leaders and look at their reasons for their behaviour.

We would love to hear some of your comments and thoughts.


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What is Entrepreneurial Leadership?

EM Solutions Leadership

So much has been written, said and quoted on Leadership in recent times. We have leadership coaches, seminars, conferences, societies and too many books to mention. But we want to unpack some of the myths and principles of leadership this month.

Join us as we journey through a bit about Principle based leadership, where decisions are made based on a set of values and principles that govern the organisation. Then we will look at what it takes to be a Visionary Leader in the workplace and how that is different or the same as a Business Leader for every day to day operation.
And finally, we will unpack the differences between a Manager and a Leader. We see these as different concepts altogether and should never be confused when it comes to defining and assigning roles within a business.
We also want to hear from you. What do you think Leadership is all about? Send us your stories, quotes and suggested books. Let’s share these with others.

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Do you have a Business Strategy Model?

We have been speaking business growth all month.

We covered: Product Offerings, Strategic Networks and Marketing, and in this final episode in the series we put all the previous models together into one workable model that supports the development and growth of your business. The model also creates a set of goals, actions and accountability for each focus area.

In this video we also chat you to WIGS, Wildly Important Goals. Those goals that are more important than anything else in the business for the defined period. More on WIGS can be viewed here from the 8th Habit.

With this sort of workable model in your business, growth is imminent and becomes part of the daily activities of each staff members routine.

If you are interested in developing a growth strategy for your business or team. Then please contact us for a consultation or chat.

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Does your growth strategy include getting outside your comfort zone?

Growth happens outside your comfort zone. Let me say that again, growth happens outside your comfort zone. That means two things, you need to get outside your comfort zone to grow and you need to learn how to rely on others.

In this video we talk about  developing your business through strategic marketing activities. Take a listen and list some ideas that may pertain to your business. Here are some suggestions:

Create a working social media campaign with links, reposts and posting calendars

Develop and implement a referral farm

Identify and implement a working sales funnel to attract and convert customers

Develop a method to up-sell or re-sell to existing customers

Build a solid ongoing, repeatable marketing strategy

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Business Strategy – Strategic Networks

Building your business cannot be done alone. It requires a team of dedicated leaders, staff, suppliers and a well developed team of outsiders who have a vested interest in your business. We call them your Strategic Network. People in your Strategic Network fall into one of three groups

Foundation Network – the people you need in order to build your business, these people offers services, advice and products that your business relies on to function.

Support Network – the people you use for emotional support and advice.

Expansion Network – the people you use to build and develop a wider footprint for your brand.

Watch the video, subscribe to our channel to keep informed of further videos and more business tips and tricks.

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Business Growth Strategy – Product offerings

What is your current product offering linked to your existing resources? How do you leverage these to develop a firm future focused business growth strategy? We explain a simple to use, yet effective tool that will assist you to map out a product/resource strategy for your business.

A successful business needs to develop a constant relationship between existing assets and resources and product offering, always looking to develop both. But added to this is the need to develop new assets in the form of Staff, Equipment and IP to equip the business to increase the product offering in both width and depth. View this week’s Bruce on Business video for the full story.

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April is Strategy Month – Do you have one?

This time of year when the seasons change and the new financial year is finally in full swing we tend to look towards our budgets and forecasts with a little doubt and fear. Developing a solid business growth strategy has to be the best way to secure the future of your business. But what is s strategy? How does one go about developing a plan on paper that actually translates into implemented actions and improvements to the bottom lines?

Join us this month as we unpack the different models, frameworks and tools of a functional business strategy.

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