This week we got our first glimpse of the new government’s vision for our future with the budget speech 2018. I am excited about not only the aspects of the speech but the enthusiasm that it has brought to the confidence of our economy. We are all still waiting for the new Cabinet, expected shortly, and the new direction that will bring.

But, I am not alone, when I feel a new wave of economic energy and growth in our small business sector. We at EM Solutions are gearing up for this new season of innovation and business development. Come climb on the bus and ride with us.

For those who are still confused or missed the budget speech, here is a copy of the PWC budget summary that highlights the entire things in just a few pages: much easier than trying to analyse it from long documents and drawn out commentaries.  2018-budget-pwc-highlights

For another view: read the Fin 24 article here:

We will be assisting our clients with the VAT increase and other related issues in the coming weeks, so if you have any questions concerning these or other financial management issues, drop us an email.